Gerrymandering. Georgia style.

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John Lewis was a proud advocate for voting rights throughout his life.

Georgia voter suppression includes gerrymandering and hostile takeovers of county election boards. NAACP Atlanta mobilizes resistance against racist voter suppression.

NAACP makes it easier for people to see how their voting power is being stolen and what they can do to fight back with interactive StoryMaps and generated more public engagement with the Ignite Advocacy app. This blog also describes other efforts from Representable that make it easier for people to provide feedback during redistricting by drawing community maps and a Common Cause initiative that builds support behind the FOR THE PEOPLE ACT.

Gerrymandering explained

Republican voter suppression in Georgia by gerrymandering and hostile takeover of county election boards.
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Keep it super simple (KISS)

Elections should reflect the will of the people, not the politicians. Politicians manipulate elections to get an unfair advantage in elections by drawing district lines so they get to choose who can vote. This process is gerrymandering. Unfair electoral districts dilute the voting power of minorities and skew statewide representation. Politicians prefer to run for election in “safe” districts, where they know they cannot be voted out. Representatives from gerrymandered districts are less likely to listen to the voice of the people. Gerrymandering determines how many resources a district gets.

Simple interactive images, cartoons and maps make it easy for people to see how their votes are being taken away. Graphics strip away dubious claims and expose gerrymandering and racist voter suppression.

Use graphics and cartoons to expose racist voter suppression and gerrymandering.

Have clear calls to action

The StoryMap explains gerrymandering works and how it denies minority voters their rights with two examples with Georgia House and Senate district examples. The next step is to have clear calls to action. What can the reader do to protect their voting rights? The StoryMap provides links to three actions:
– Call your Georgia legislator to demand they stop their hostile takeover of Fulton county (NAACP Atlanta)
– This call to action appears twice in the StoryMap so readers can act on it without having to read the whole story.
– Draw community of interest maps so they are represented during redistricting (Representable)
– Understand why the FOR THE PEOPLE ACT is so important in protecting voting rights and how they can support it (Common Cause)

Give your readers direct calls to fight voter suppression and gerrymandering

Sunlight disinfects. Share data freely.

This StoryMap is built on a map of Fulton County, Georgia which has the State House and Senate district details. DemLabs built this map with ArcGIS Online. The map can be freely shared with this link or embedded in a website with this line of code:

< iframe width=”300″ height=”200″ frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no” allowfullscreen src=””></iframe>

NAACP Atlanta app shows the Georgia state house and senate districts as well as the current legislator.
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Ignite Advocacy

Ignite Advocacy in a advocate engagement app that allows groups to mobilize supporters to contact their legislators, and make an impact. Have elected officials hear directly from their constituents. The app provides:
– The ability to monitor the activity of your advocates. When a participant engages with your grassroots campaign, IgniteAdvocacy will automatically store the action on their contact record.
– Email legislators, staffers, and contacts. Measure the engagement of your audience.
– Find the legislators and staffers you want your advocates to communicate with.
– Target campaigns based on district, bill position, committee, and political party.

TakeAway: Use maps, graphics and direct calls to action like the NAACP Atlanta. Make it easier for the public to understand the issue, take action and spread the message on social media.


Reposted from Democracy Labs with permission

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