GIFs to Demand Vaccine Equality and Immigration Reform

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Into Action

Immigration Reform Now

A federal judge in Texas decided that DACA was unlawful, banning new applicants and threatening the safety of Dreamers. Use these GIFs to protect DACA and Dreamers.

Image of alternating people with the words "Protect Dreamers" up top. They are behind a chain link fence that transitions into flowers.
Image with the words "immigrants built America". There are people holding up the word "America"
Image of two people kneeling and holding hands. They are dressed in late 1700s clothing. The words above state "immigrants we get the job done"

TaskForce’s Impact Accelerator

TaskForce is accepting applications for our next round of the TaskForce Impact Accelerator until August 4, 2021. The TaskForce Impact Accelerator is a program designed to turn on the full force of our team’s creativity and experience to support the organizations taking on the world’s most pressing challenges — free of charge.

Each application cycle, TaskForce selects one organization to provide in-kind support. TaskForce will work closely with the selected partner to build power and momentum by developing the creative assets necessary to help deliver against the organization’s mission.

Apply today »

Time for Vaccine Equality

COVID-19 vaccines should be free and accessible to everyone around the world. COVAX is an initiative led by the World Health Organization to create an equitable system of distributing vaccines internationally. Use these GIFs to support vaccines for all.

Image of a group of masked people. The text above states "everyone deserves to get the vaccine"
GIF of someone holding a sign. Text on the sign reads "I support COVAX"
Image of two fingers that mirror each other. The two fingers up show a "v" and "a". Text says "vaccines for all"

Meet the Artist

Jef Caine

As a South Dakota based illustrator and animator, Jef Caine is always striving to use his powers for good. He draws inspiration from comic books, cartoons, bike rides, book stores, and of course the internet. Find him on Instagram: @jefcaine

Election 2020 Anxiety GIF by INTO ACTION

Tax the Rich

Imagine what we could do if the rich contributed what they owed instead of going to space. Use these GIFs to push for a tax system where everyone pays their fair share.

Two children holding signs and surrounded by toys that have money signs on them. Their signs state "tax the ultra rich to help working families"
Image of Joe Biden shaking his finger. The text reads "stop giving tax breaks and subsidizing oil -Joe Biden"
Moving GIF of two people. One is someone standing in front of money with text stating "rich get richer". The the image moves to someone holding up society with text that says "poor get poorer"

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