Statement from FDP Spokesperson Jose Dante Parra on Alarming Increase of New COVID-19 Cases in the State

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Miami, FL – Florida’s rate of new COVID-19 infections has climbed sharply over the past two weeks. Its seven day average of cases is now the highest in the nation. Hospitals across the state are adjusting their visitation protocols and rescheduling elective surgeries due to the dangerous and accelerating influx of cases. 
In reaction to these developments Florida Democratic Party Senior Communications Advisor Jose Dante Parra issued the following statement:

“[On Thursday,] Florida reported 12,647 new COVID-19 cases according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. That’s 23% of all nationwide cases for the day. This is the highest daily figure since January of this year, the month that saw the highest number of infections in Florida since the pandemic began. Vaccination rates have us around the middle of the pack among states and hospitals are straining to keep up with the surge of coronavirus patients.

“The question is, what is Governor DeSantis doing about it? He’s playing politics, of course. When he’s not playing jetsetter, traveling around the country hobnobbing with wealthy donors, he’s cravenly plotting his every move as he pursues his run for president. Last weekend, while cases spiked, he traveled to Texas to visit the border in an attempt to burnish his credentials for a possible 2024 run.

“He continues to fight in court to prevent cruise ships from having to abide by CDC regulations that would help keep their passengers safe. Just yesterday he adamantly rejected the possibility of requiring masks at schools in the Fall. Nobody wants mask mandates, but should we be taking anything off the table at a time when Florida is leading the nation in new COVID-19 cases? DeSantis is putting politics over people’s health, and it’s the height of irresponsibility.”

Florida Democratic Party Chair Manny Diaz Praises the Administration’s New Sanctions on Cuban Officials Responsible for Recent Crackdown

[On Thursday,] the Biden Administration announced historic steps to punish Cuban regime officials responsible for human rights violations. The U.S. Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets (OFAC) has sanctioned Cuban Minister of Defense Alvaro Lopez Miera and the Brigada Especial Nacional del Ministerio del Interior (SNB) of the Cuban Ministry of the Interior (MININT), also known as the Boinas Negras or Black Berets, in connection with the violent repression of the peaceful protests that began on July 11th in Cuba.

In reaction to this announcement, Florida Democratic Party Chairman Manny Diaz released the following statement:

“I strongly applaud the Biden Administration for taking this decisive and welcome step. All of those who would violate the human rights of the Cuban people must know that there will be grievous consequences for their actions. The sham trials, and the violence perpetrated by the Cuban communist regime on its own people demand decisive action such as these measures
“I am also glad that President Biden has characterized this move as ‘only the beginning.’ There are many individuals in this tyrannical regime who must be held accountable for their chronic and heinous abuse of the Cuban people. I hope to see them face sanctions of this nature –and more– in the near future.

“I am also encouraged to hear that the Biden Administration is working to marshal the international community in support of a free and democratic Cuba. The support of countries in the region, and entities such as the Organization of American States, is key if we are to free Cubans from oppression. And no one has more credibility than the Biden Administration to reach this goal.

“This step, along with others that are being developed for implementation over the next days and weeks, show that President Joe Biden stands with the people of Cuba, and they illustrate his unwavering commitment to advancing freedom and democracy on the island.”

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