Ain’t No Sunshine When Rooftop Solars Are Gone

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Did we really think we wouldn’t have much to do after the 2020 elections? Our May All Members Meeting sure settled that. Jorge Contreras told us about the Working Families Party in California. Frances Hsieh urged us to get active on the PRO Act to support unions and workers’ rights. We heard from the campaign for IEB member Janani Ramachandran, who’s running for the open AD 18 seat, and from Janani herself! — now IEB member Rebecca Dean tells you why she’s volunteering for Janani and why you should, too. And Jennifer Tanner told us why we should oppose AB 1139, which will devastate rooftop solar in California — that’s this week’s action item, so keep reading and keep up the activism!

Action: Save Rooftop Solar, Stop AB 1139

Deadline: NOW –Hundreds of thousands of Californians have invested in rooftop solar to combat climate change, lower their energy bills, and invest in local communities. Solar energy also helps decrease our reliance on long-distance power lines, which are expensive to build and maintain and are implicated in wildfires and blackouts. Solar’s great, right? Except now AB 1139 would effectively kill incentives for people to add new rooftop solar to their homes, and would heavily penalize people who already have solar. IEB has signed on to a letter opposing this bill. Please call your Assemblymember and State Senator NOW and tell them: oppose AB 1139 and protect residential rooftop solar! We tell you much more in our article, or you can use the script below. But hurry — the legislature is moving fast.

What to say:

My name is _______, my address is ________ and I’m a member of Indivisible East Bay. I am [CALLING/WRITING] to oppose AB 1139. This bill is full of terrible ideas, like slashing the credit solar users get for surplus energy that goes back to the grid, and charging people who have solar an average of $70 a month just to use the grid. California should be a leader in rooftop solar energy. We should keep encouraging solar and making it affordable, not kill it. AB 1139 is a step in the wrong direction.


  • Buffy Wicks: email; District: 510-286-1400; Capitol: 916-319-2015
  • Rob Bonta: email; District: 510-286-1670; Capitol: 916-319-2018
  • Rebecca Bauer-Kahan: email; Capitol (legislative calls): 916-319-2016
  • Bill Quirk: email; Capitol: 916-319-2020; District 510-583-8818
  • Timothy Grayson: email; Capitol: 916-319-2014; District: 925-521-1511


  • Steve Glazer, District 7 (Contra Costa): email; (916) 651-4007; Orinda (925) 258-1176; Antioch (925) 754-1461
  • Nancy Skinner, District 9 (Alameda & Contra Costa): email; (916) 651-4009, Oakland (510) 286-1333
  • Bob Wieckowski, District 10 (Alameda & Santa Clara): email; (916) 651-4010, Fremont (510) 794-3900

Don’t know who your state representatives are, or have friends outside the East Bay? Find legislators & contact info here:

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  • Support Janani Ramachandran for AD 18 seat!
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We Could Not Make This Up

TW: the Holocaust — Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s latest human rights crusade: her claim that making House members wear masks is like Nazi Germany and the gas chambers. Wanna bet she’ll survive? She also says vaccination logos and employee passports are like the Nazis’ gold stars for Jews. Even Kevin McCarthy is shocked, shocked — too bad he can’t do anything about it, hey wait. Keep ’em coming, Marjie — it just makes you a bigger target for the space lasers. PS: Heard of Godwin’s Law? The longer people talk on the internet, the more likely someone’ll mention Hitler or the Nazis. Side rule you may not’ve heard: whoever brings up Nazis first, automatically loses

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