FDP Chair slams DeSantis for signing unconstitutional de-platforming bill while stripping Floridians of unemployment benefits

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This morning Governor Ron DeSantis signed an unconstitutional bill that aims to strip private businesses like Twitter and Facebook from deciding what is acceptable on their own platforms. This bill is a reaction to Facebook and Twitter banning Donald Trump after he incited an insurrection at our Capitol via their platforms. It is a political stunt that does absolutely nothing to actually help Floridians. 
This bill signing was happening at the same time as DeSantis’ administration was announcing that they would be revoking the expanded federal unemployment benefits for struggling Floridians, effectively cutting unemployment benefits in half. They did this even though the Florida state unemployment system is still completely broken, and there are still millions of Floridians who are unemployed.
In response, Florida Democratic Party Chair Manny Diaz released the following statement. 
“Not only did Ron DeSantis spend his morning signing a completely unconstitutional bill that aims to prevent private businesses from deciding what can be posted on their platforms, but he also cancelled expanded unemployment benefits from the federal government. Our governor managed to hurt both private businesses and struggling Floridians all before noon today. These actions are part of a bigger trend in Ron DeSantis’ leadership. He is focused on political games that will score him national points even if they are unconstitutional, all while he is ignoring or even actively hurting struggling Floridians. It is clear that the only person Ron DeSantis cares about is himself.”

STATEMENT on Rep. Nick DiCeglie’s Campaign Launch for Senate District 24 in Pinellas County

FLORIDA— On Tuesday evening Republican Rep. Nick DiCeglie launched his campaign for for Senate District 24 in Pinellas County. In response Florida Senate Victory Political Director Tim Wagner released the following statement:
“Nick DiCeglie’s dangerous record makes him the wrong choice for Pinellas County voters who value bipartisan leadership and willingness to work across the aisle for the betterment of everyday people. Time and time again, he has worked to limit the rights of working people in this community by sponsoring legislation creating roadblocks for non-college career seekers and limiting local government’s ability to make their own choices that fund critical community services like Police and Fire Departments. While DiCeglie has been fighting against the best interests of working-class citizens, Pinellas voters have demonstrated a willingness to put trusted leaders over partisan politics – twice supporting Obama, turning out for Joe Biden in 2020, and voting to keep Democrats leading their County Commission. We can depend on Pinellas to see through DiCeglie’s rhetoric to elect a candidate who will fight for the best interests of Senate District 24 and the real issues important to real people— like access to affordable healthcare, protecting our environment, creating good paying jobs and trusting government closest to the people to make decisions for the local community.”

What they’re saying: Reactions to Ron DeSantis stripping Floridians of expanded unemployment 

On Monday, Governor Ron DeSantis stripped Floridians of the expanded unemployment benefits from the federal government two months before those benefits were scheduled to end. DeSantis said the reason that he was removing the benefits was to encourage people to go back to work. But as the Sun Sentinel and others have found, expanded unemployment benefits are not what is preventing people from returning to work, it is poor wages and working conditions and lack of childcare, or their industry not being back up and running yet. Apparently, Ron DeSantis isn’t interested in what is actually happening with workers, he just thinks Floridians are lazy. 
“These expanded unemployment benefits have been a lifeline for so many. They are the difference between being able to put food on the table and not, being able to buy diapers and not,” said Florida Democratic Party Executive Director Marcus Dixon. “Weak leaders like Gov. DeSantis find pleasure in preying on the vulnerable. It’s despicable.” 
Many Florida leaders and everyday Floridians are outraged and devastated by Ron DeSantis’ cruel and unnecessary decision. Here is what they are saying.

One user on Reddit, noted just how devastating this is to him personally. 

Congressman Charlie Crist noted that the move was “heartless leadership by Gov. Ron DeSantis, who seems more interested in scoring partisan points than taking care of Floridians. Cutting unemployment benefits, just as our state and nation are getting out of a historic crisis, is the height of irresponsibility and will slow our economic recovery.”

Florida Democrats release video highlighting need for American Jobs Plan, call on others to do the same

This afternoon the Florida Democratic Party released a video of Executive Director Marcus Dixon highlighting the need for the American Jobs Plan here in Florida. In the video Dixon is at the Historic Overtown Miami Metrorail station, where he is highlighting just how desperately the Miami Metrorail needs to be updated and expanded. 
He then calls on Floridians to share pictures and videos of failing infrastructure in their communities using #AmericanJobsPlan and @-ing their Republican members of Congress to let them know just how important the American Jobs Plan is for Florida. Currently, Marco Rubio, Rick Scott and all of the Florida Republican members of Congress are opposed to the plan. 
“The Miami Metrorail has needed to be expanded for years— to the north, to the south and to the east and because it’s that way it contributes to traffic and it contributes to inequality.” says Florida Democratic Party Executive Director Marcus Dixon “But here’s the good news. President Biden has a plan to rebuild this country’s infrastructure and create millions of good paying jobs in the process. And that will not only help us locally in our communities and across the state, it will improve our infrastructure across the country.” 

Floridians who take public transportation spend an extra 77.9% of their time commuting. President Biden understands the toll this can take on people’s lives which is why he is committed to investing to update and revamp our public transportation systems all across the country.

FDP Slams Attorney General Ashley Moody for Focusing on Political Games Instead of Her Job

Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody is supposed to be the people’s lawyer. But instead of doing her job, she is focusing time, energy, and taxpayer dollars on political pet projects. 
In an attempt to uplift a baseless election conspiracy theory, Attorney General Moody directed the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) to investigate whether the widely respected non-partisan group, the Florida Rights Restoration Commission, committed wrongdoing in the 2020 election. After over 700 hours of work and millions of taxpayer dollars, the FDLE found that exactly zero wrongdoing was committed. This investigation was a clear waste of both time and money.
“Ashley Moody is a disgrace to the office of the Attorney General,” said Florida Democratic Party Chair Manny Diaz. “That job is supposed to be about fighting for struggling Floridians and holding people who abuse the system accountable, but Attorney General Moody is using the job to play politics—all while wasting millions of taxpayer dollars in the process.”
Attorney General Moody also took the Biden administration to court over its decision to review Trump’s inhumane and racially motivated immigration policies. A federal judge rejected Moody’s request for an injunction, noting that “[h]ere, Florida simply disagrees with the choices made by the Biden Administration as to the priorities.” In other words, this was simply a political disagreement, not something that belongs in federal court. 
“Instead of focusing on holding wrongdoers accountable and fighting for the everyday people of Florida, AG Moody is wasting people’s time and taking political disagreements to federal court.” noted FDP Spokeswoman Alexandra Caffrey. 
These recent cases are just a few examples of the constant political games AG Moody is playing. Floridians deserve better. At the very least, we deserve an Attorney General who actually does her job. 
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