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As the first state in the South to flip to a majority committed to improving lives, Virginia has become an example of what’s possible when lawmakers are fighting for those that they represent, not narrow special interests.

We’re thrilled to share our first slate of Virginia endorsees that will help protect this majority in November! 

What’s at stake for Virginia in this election? Everything. This majority has passed policy after policy to improve lives: The South’s first comprehensive Voting Rights Bill. Important police reforms, such as preventing the rehiring of police officers with records of misconduct and ending the transfer of military weaponry for police departments to use against Americans. Expanded school breakfast programs that improve student performance and help fight hunger. 

Meet our newest endorsed candidates! Want to help protect this majority? Start a Giving Circle to gather your friends and family to help defend these seats. 

Alex Askew
Elected to serve his hometown — Virginia Beach — in 2019, Del. Askew sponsored 14 bills signed into law, including lead-water testing for Virginia’s public schools and daycares and common sense environmental controls. 

Joshua Cole 
The first Black Delegate to represent the district and one of the youngest lawmakers in the Virginia General Assembly, during his first term Del. Cole introduced Automatic Voter Registration which was enacted in 2020. 

Nancy Guy
A retired lawyer and small business owner, Del. Guy believes that climate change is an existential crisis. As an Agriculture, Chesapeake, and Natural Resources Committee member, she’s prioritized clean air, water, and energy. 

Chris Hurst
A personal tragedy inspired Del. Hurst’s first run for office to advocate for mental healthcare and gun violence prevention. He has since sponsored policies to invest in children with quality schools and adequately paid teachers.  

Roslyn Tyler
The first in her family to graduate from college, Del. Tyler, who serves in the Education Committee, is committed to investing in children. Last session, her bill to unify and standardize early childhood care in Virginia was enacted.  

Schuyler VanValkenburg
A teacher in Virginia Public Schools for the past 12 years, Del. VanValkenburg authored several enacted bills, including expanding computer science pathways and implementing through-year growth assessments between grades three and eight.  

Each of these endorsees is running in a district that will be critical to protecting the Virginia majority. In 2019, after participating in our inaugural door-knocking challenge—Nancy Guy won her seat by just 27 votes.

The stakes are high, but together, we can ensure that there is a continued commitment to improving lives in Richmond after this November. Start a Giving Circle to help defend this majority. Not there yet? Chip in to help us support these new endorsees!


Simone Leiro
Future Now Fund

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