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April 16, 2021
TOTAL VOTERS REACHED:  over 15,000,000



On March 15, 2020, Covid was starting to shut down the country – so after intense deliberation, Field Team 6 made the call to postpone indefinitely every in-person voter drive on our calendar, across all our battleground states. It was a breathtakingly difficult decision. We are a passionate crew, we all knew the urgency of our work, and after the first 15 months finding fertile ground and furiously planting seeds, we were finally seeing voter drives blossom in states all across the country.  But it was the right call at the right moment. Because the health and safety of our volunteers are more important than anything. We made it our goal and our plan to not lose a single person to Covid.  And – thank God – Field Team 6 did not lose a single volunteer. Overnight, we went all-digital. We learned every digital voter registration technique there was, and came up with new ones too. We developed, the fastest way to register new Democrats! We assembled a national database of over 15 million unregistered likely Democrats in swing states. We registered our 30,000th swing state Democrat, and helped register hundreds of thousands more. (Eye-popping new numbers on that coming soon.) And we won! Now that the Biden/Harris administration is beating back Covid, we will soon have the chance to hold in-person voter drives again. And that’s why we’re thrilled to roll out our Covid-Safe In-Person Voter Drive Protocols. To be clear, we’re not restarting voter drives quite yet – the protocols tell you how to figure out when it’s safe. And voter drives will of course look different now than they have in the past. But that time will be here soon – and we will be ready!  In the coming weeks, look for lots of good news as we ramp up our training program and update our training resources. We will always continue the digital outreach we’ve mastered. But words can’t express how ecstatic we are to be approaching our triumphant return to the field with all of you!


COVID-SAFE IN-PERSON VOTER DRIVE PROTOCOLS At long last, here’s everything you need to…• figure out when it’s safe to hold a voter drive• keep yourself, all volunteers, and the public safe during the drive• and register more Democrats to save the Senate and House in 2022!! Click HERE for the protocols, also posted on our website. And see you out there soon!

Click HERE for the protocols, also posted on our website. And see you out there soon!


Rebuilding faith in America’s voting systems is a crucial project, one that the nonprofit Open Source Election Technology (OSET) Institute is tackling head-on with their new TrustTheVote Project. Their plan is to build the most verifiable, accurate, secure, and transparent voting software in the world, with the entire code base available online for anyone who wants to look under the hood. OSET is trying to make this happen in time for the 2024 elections – and they need your help! If you believe that publicly owned and fully transparent election software is important for restoring trust in our democracy, please sign their petition HERE.


CALL AZ & WV VOTERS TO GET THEIR SENATORS TO REFORM THE FILIBUSTERTo give us all the freedom to vote, we must reform the filibuster and pass theFor the People Act and the John Lewis Voting Rights Act. Senators Sinema and Manchin are publicly opposed to filibuster reform. Get their constituents to persuade them otherwise! ADOPT-A-TRAITOR PHONE BANKSRegister Dems in districts whose representatives supported overturning the Biden/Harris election victory, and flip those seats blue! We’re targeting traitors in California, North Carolina, and Texas! FLIP A “TRIPLE WORD SCORE” STATERegister Dems in 8 key states to save the Senate and House, and win down-ballot. Join our phone banks into AZ and PA!POSTCARDINGRegister Dems via postcard in the most flippable districts and write with friends at our weekly postcarding parties! Send cards to PA, CO-03 (Lauren Boebert’s district!),FL, NC, CA-08 and CA-25! SOCIAL STORMINGMake a huge difference with a few keystrokes! Build awareness for our voter registration app #Voterizer,our postcarding program, and #RegisterDemocrats from the comfort of your social media accounts! Find camaraderie, tips and tricks on our Zooms! 

Click VOLUNTEER OPS below to get details and sign up!




Earth is our favorite planet by far. So we’re partnering with Face the Music, Music Declares Democracy, Outside the Box 925, and Neto Community Network for a concert to celebrate Earth Day and raise funds for Field Team 6! Join us Thursday, April 22 at 6p PT to rock out with some incredible artists, including Chas Castell, Scott Cook, Christophe Ellie, Lauren Mayer, Joe Newberry, Pete Kronowitt, and Nancy Sanchez. Click HERE to get tickets!

MONDAY, APRIL 26:FT6 STRATEGY BRIEFING Hear the latest on the Field Team 6 plan to save the world in 2021 and 2022! Tune in to our upcoming Strategy Briefing on Monday, April 26 at 5:30p PT, where you’ll get the rundown from Jason – plus Patti, Wayne, Valerie, Janet, Sharon, Dale, and the rest of the FT6 leadership roster! It’s a party and info session, rolled into one! RSVP HERE.

THURSDAY, MAY 6:DRINKS FOR DEMOCRACYJoin us Thursday, May 6 at 5p PT for our first monthly FT6 happy hour, hosted by celebrity father-daughter team Jeff Perry (Scandal, My So-Called Life) and Zoe Perry (Young Sheldon, Scandal), Don Foster, Gina Cirone, and Master Mixologist Alex Saggiomo, who’ll share a new drink recipe! Each month, we’ll have a celebrity mystery guest, an update on all things political with founder Jason Berlin, a shout-out to an inspiring volunteer, and some time to get to know each other! RSVP HERE.

THURSDAY, MAY 13:FT6 DEMOCRACY SERIES: JOE TRIPPI Mark your calendars for Thursday, May 13 at 5p PT as Jason Berlin sits down for a conversation with the first guest in our new event series highlighting the heroes of our democracy: Joe Trippi, a legendary Democratic strategist who’s reinvented campaigning. They’ll be talking all things politics and getting into the details of Trippi’s nearly four decades of work, from Ted Kennedy’s 1980 presidential campaign to Doug Jones’ historic 2018 Senate win in Alabama. Get your tickets HERE!

TUESDAY, MAY 18: DEMOCRACY: RED, WHITE, AND ROSÉAfter a hard day of saving the world, sometimes you just want to kick back with a nice glass of wine and some delicious chocolate. But what if you could enjoy said tasty indulgences while helping save the world? Join us for a musical wine and chocolate tasting extravaganza on Tuesday, May 18 at 6p PT hosted by FT6 Supervolunteer Kala Maxym, owner of Five Senses Tasting (and massively talented opera singer). You’ll be treating yourself to some incredible (Los Angeles local!) wine and chocolate while also raising funds for FT6’s voter registration efforts… what could be more delicious than that? Get your tickets HERE! Deadline to order outside LA is 5/10!


The party that wins the presidency (Democrats, baby!) historically loses House seats in the midterms (booooo!). So we need to defy history. And the road to saving the House in 2022 runs straight through Orange County, CA. So we’re raising money as fast as we can for the must-win districts of CA-39, CA-45, and CA-48, in order to: 

  1. Buy the data for every unregistered likely Dem we can find
  2. Set up phone banks to register them
  3. Stand up postcarding campaigns to do the same

 Fuel our efforts by donating to one, two, or all three of our district funds!

Donate to Flip CA-39 Blue!CA-39 was ruby-red for many years. Gil Cisneros flipped the district blue in the 2018 midterms… only to be unseated by current Rep. Young Kim (R) last year. But Congresswoman Kim has not been acting like a swing district rep. Instead, she’s voted like a hardcore Trumper – she voted against impeaching Trump, against the COVID relief bill, against voting rights, and against the Equality Act. Let’s fight to make her a one-term wonder!

Donate to Keep CA-45 Blue!Back in 2018, Rep. Katie Porter rode the Blue Wave all the way into Congress, where she’s been kicking ass and writing names on whiteboards ever since. We need to keep this progressive hero (and FT6’s 2020 Champion of Democracy Award Winner) in the House of Representatives where she belongs!

Donate to Flip CA-48 Blue!Since its creation in 1993, CA-48 sent a Republican to Congress every single election until 2018, when Democrat Harley Rouda unseated the unhinged Representative Dana “Russian-backer” Rohrabacher. Sadly, current Republican Rep. Michelle Steel managed to flip the district back to red last year… by a much smaller margin of votes than any Republican had ever won by. But CA-48 can flip blue again, and we’re going to make it happen in 2022!


2020 VOLUNTEER OF THE YEAR:JANET HO At the 1st Annual Field Team 6 Awards, it was our honor to name the incredible Janet Ho Volunteer of the Year. Janet was instrumental in Field Team 6’s efforts before the pandemic hit, and she became absolutely indispensable afterward. Hear presenter William Petersen (ManhunterCSITo Live and Die in LA) tell you all about how Janet helped FT6 go digital and win the battle for the (virtual) soul of America in this hilarious video tribute by clicking HERE. And to echo William’s eloquent words, Janet: we owe you a deep, data-driven debt of gratitude. Thank you for helping literally save the world!


Search engine optimization is vital to our online presence. And we’re looking for a social-savvy supervolunteer to take the reins of all things SEO for FT6’s YouTube, website, and social channels. We’ll provide training! Wanna be our superstar? Let us know HERE!
Want to help phone bank en Español? Even better – want to LEAD a bilingual phone bank? We need your help! Únete a nosotros! Join us HERE.
It’s a secret what you’d be calling them about (for now), but if you like to talk on the phone and enjoy catching up with volunteers who are engaged and inspiring, say so HERE. LOOKING FOR A SOCIAL MEDIA HERO!Help needed in managing our social media accounts! Are you a natural at creating posts on Twitter, Facebook and/or Insta that are inspiring, funny, serious, poignant, informative and/or visually dazzling? Let us know HERE!
We’re looking for people with time and skills to share. Heck, it might be something we don’t even know we need! Tell us about your skills HERE!


YOU CAN HELP STOP VOTER SUPPRESSION TODAY! Click HERE to watch a new video from Brave New Films/Declaration for American Democracy about the hundreds of voter suppression bills Republicans are trying to pass right now and how you can stop them by urging your representatives to support S.1, the For the People Act, and the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act. Our friends at Common Cause – plus a whole host of pro-democracy organizations – are petitioning the U.S. Senate to (finally) end the filibuster. You know, that undemocratic relic of slavery and Jim Crow that has been continually abused by the minority to block the will of the voters! You can sign the petition HERE. And call your senators! Especially if you live in CA, ME, WV, or AZ!

HOT NEW MERCH! Love Voterizer enough to wear it? Then check out our two new designs, fresh off the merch presses and now available in our FT6 store! The best part is on the back: we’ve included a QR code so you can register new voters on the spot by sending them to Voterizer – all they’ll need is a smartphone and for you to turn your back. Spice up your occasional forays into the outside world with a little pinch of voter registration. CLICK HERE to start shopping!

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