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On the phones again  

As spring 2021 unfolds, we have a lot to be thankful for—and proud of: a comprehensive Covid relief and stimulus program; a truly progressive child tax credit; a president who knows how to shut up and do the job. All this and much more comes directly from your dedication and hard work.

But we can’t let down now. In state legislatures across the country, Republicans are fighting the force of history with the only tool they have left: suppressing the vote. If they succeed, our hopeful spring will be short and cold. So Indivisible Chicago has partnered with Common Cause to host a series of Wednesday phone banks to support the historic For the People Act, otherwise known as HR1/S1. It aims to end partisan gerrymandering; limit the influence of big money in our politics; and protect early voting, voting by mail, ballot drop boxes, and all the other things that make it easy for everyone to vote.

If you’ve phone banked with Indivisible Chicago before, you know what to expect: a nationally recognized format that emphasizes training and preparation; real-time support from experienced leaders; and a hospitable Zoom environment where you can ask questions, swap stories, and encourage each other.

Sessions are scheduled for this Wednesday afternoon March 24 and next Wednesday evening March 31, with more to come. Sign up here.

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