Prescott Indivisible Newsletter — March 11, 2021

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Prescott Indivisible is a non-partisan community which seeks to promote a progressive and inclusive agenda in support of human rights and the environment.


Prescott Indivisible Newsletter:
March 11, 2021

City of Prescott Candidate 
Qualifying Petition Signature Collection Drive
From “Save The Dells”

Help Save The Dells put two candidates on the ballot for the upcoming Prescott City Council elections– Eric Moore (R) and Brandon Montoya (Ind). 1,200 signatures on petitions are due April 1st.  Check out the following locations and times to sign. Prescott City residents and registered voters only.   

This election is very important to the future of Prescott and it is critical to have good candidate options on the ballot in order to give citizens a true choice

Saturday, March 13th, 1-4 pm,  drive-through signing at the Adult Center of Prescott, 1280 E. Rosser Street. 
ALSO pick up petitions at this event for circulating among your friends or neighborhood

Saturdays and Sundays, March 13-14 and March 20-21, from 1-4 pm on the SE corner of the Courthouse Square (Goodwin Street and Cortez).  

Jay’s Bird Bard, 1046 Willow Creek Road, Suite 105 (Safeway Shopping Center):  Sign and pick up petitions
Help with Brandon Montoya signature drive– Contact Lori Dekker, Campaign Manager,

Interested in volunteering at these events or circulating your own petition sheets?  Contact Tom Rusing at or (928) 713-3736.

Prescott Indivisible has not endorsed any candidates.


Tomorrow, March 11th
Call the Acting Assistant Secretary of Homeland Security

Ask that we restore the processing of asylum seekers at the US Mexico border.
Make an impact by all calling on one day  

Let’s mobilize to help and protect those coming to our borders. 
Given potential policy changes by the new administration, coyotes are taking advantage of desperate individuals promising them easy passage into the US.  Numbers are rising as are needs for donations (monetary and goods). 

For more information contact Maria Elena: 

RemovePaulGosar Update and Further Action
Paul Gosar is in the news for supporting the #BigLie, organizing Insurrection, and advocating White Supremacy. The media has not been revealing his relationship to his funders.
But….all of you have! And It’s Working!

The American Dental Association is now aware of who their PAC is supporting and they are feeling the pressure. Callers are reporting back to us. Dialogue is happening inside the organization. This is how change is made.  BUT the ADA has not yet publicly stated they will stop funding Paul Gosar… so we have to keep the pressure up.We are expanding our tactics:
Call the ADA Political Action Committee  202 -789-5171
Call the American Association of Pediatric Dentists  312- 337-2169
(They also fund Paul Gosar with their PAC)
Share on Social Media:   Twitter • Facebook • Youtube
Watch Sedition Must Be Punished HERE
Read “Call Your Dentist”HERE


JOIN US in a perfectly legal, absolutely fun, clandestine action challenging the AZ GOP’s refusal to address the #BigLie, Insurrection support, and White Supremacy?
We are gathering to do a festive protest and video shoot in support of #RemovePaulGosar on March 20th and hope you can join us for a 90 minute action plus a bit of travel.

To get involved contact Rosemary Dixon

The League of Women Voters of Northern Arizona Presents
“Wicked Water Problems”
Monday, March 22, from 1:00 to 2:30 PM via ZOOM 
To register and receive the ZOOM link,
please send an email to


Take action right now to tell Senator Sinema to stand with you, not Mitch McConnell. 

In Arizona need we to pull together your collective constituent power to apply pressure. Check out our Save Democracy Sinema hub for actions you can take right now. 

VOTER SUPRESSION: Republicans in the state legislature in Arizona have introduced more voter suppression bills than anywhere else in the country.  Read about voter supression bills in Arizona HERE

The FOR THE PEOPLE ACT  (S.1.) is a federal bill in the U.S. Senate that would fight back against state-level attacks on our democracy by limiting the influence of big money in politics, making voting easier and more secure, ending partisan gerrymandering, and giving the public more information about who is lobbying our government. Unfortunately, Senator Sinema is standing in the way of its passage.


Hello, Everyone!
We are developing a committee for an LGBTQ+ Learning Week in June for Pride Month!
Email: Riley Harrington–

Sign up for Covid-19 vaccinations here (Spectrum)

Tom Cantlon
Columnist for the Daily Courier
TomCantlon@tomcantlon.comThe 4th installment of my book “US”. This time, We Don’t Need Them, They Need US.  We think we need the big things in our economy, the big wealth of the rich to make companies, their big corporations to have jobs, etc. We have that all backward.

Biden Administration Asked to Review Plutonium Pit
Expansion Plans

This Nuclear Resister column in this PI newsletter is a press release from three of the major peace organizations. With a new administration come new opportunities, to not only reverse the damage done by the past administration, but move forward new opportunities. Plutonium Pits are crucial in the development of new nuclear weapons. No new Pits, no new nuclear weapons.  Read the entire column HERE.   


“The male hummingbird’s throat (gorget) and crown flash rose-red or pink in good light but turn velvety black and various other colors when not reflecting light directly to our eye. These iridescent colors are structural, created by tiny discs filled with air bubbles on the barbules of the feathers. Males use this colorful display to impress females and intimidate rivals. It’s a red badge of courage.”   Photo and caption by Walt Anderson


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Rep. Qwang Nguyen           (602) 926-3258

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Prescott Indivisible was founded in 2017, when Paul Hamilton and Nicole Romine put an ad in the local paper, requesting local progressives to show up at the library. Over 100 people lined up. In short order, we had formed a local chapter of the national Indivisible movement. Within six months we adopted a set of Guidelines that sets the framework in which we work, designed a logo and printed and sold t-shirts. Our mailing list quickly expanded from 100 to over 1,200. We usually have 100 or more attend our general monthly meetings.

Prescott Indivisible has a strong track record of activism. We adopted the team concept: Communication/Events; Voter Education and Elections; Education; Environment; Human Rights; Immigration and Peacekeepers to assist with safely issues. Initially we had a steering committee that consisted of volunteers. After our guidelines were adopted, the steering committee is made up of elected officers and members at large and the heads of the various teams, or their designees. A diverse group of community activists, social justice advocates and others that have volunteer ties to non-profits and religious organizations, the steering committee assists the teams when asked and sets the agendas.

Our teams and their members have worked diligently to make their voices heard. We have made thousands of calls, mailed hundreds of postcards to our legislators in Arizona and in congress. We have collaborated with like-minded organizations to advocate for issues of crucial importance to Arizona and the nation.

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