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Today’s Five Things to Know

2/7 update — Pandemic keeps waning, but Ky. new-case rate ranks 6th

Every major measure of the pandemic in Kentucky declined Sunday, from new cases to hospital figures to deaths. But new cases are declining nationwide, so Kentucky remained among the top states in new cases per person. (Forward Kentucky)

House impeachment committee dismisses two of three impeachment petitions against Gov. Beshear

The Kentucky House Impeachment Committee met behind closed doors for about three hours on Friday, then emerged to announce two of the three impeachment petitions filed against Gov. Andy Beshear have been dismissed. (Forward Kentucky)

Across the U.S., Republicans have already introduced over 100 voter suppression bills this year

Ari Berman reports on the GOP’s ongoing nationwide push to make voting more difficult — particularly for communities of color and other Democratic-leaning constituencies — and in some cases to empower state legislatures to overturn election results. (Forward Kentucky)

Democrats to unveil $3,000 child benefit as part of Biden relief package

House Democratic leaders will unveil legislation Monday that would give millions of families at least $3,000 per child, advancing a key provision in President Joe Biden’s $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief package.

Chairman of the Ways and Means Committee Richard Neal, who is leading the crafting of the legislation for the stimulus package, will introduce the enhanced Child Tax Credit bill, according to a committee spokesperson. (WLKY)

Trump impeachment trial begins tomorrow

The impeachment trial of former president Donald Trump begins tomorrow in the U.S. Senate. The single charge of inciting insurrection would seem easy to prove, given both the words of Trump and the words of the rioters (“I did it because the president told us to”), but it does not appear that enough Republicans will join Democrats to vote to convict to reach the necessary 67 senators.

There is some discussion of using the 14th Amendment to bar Trump from holding office again, if the vote to convict fails, but even that may be a reach for most Republican senators.

Most polls, though, show that a majority of Americans want Trump at least barred from ever holding office again.

Calendar Items to Know
Taken from the ForwardKY event calendar 

State Rep. Cherlynn Stevenson Joins Progress Kentucky’s Livestream (info)Join hosts Aaron Viles, Kimberly Cecil-Jones, & Denise Gray as they cover the political news across Kentucky! This week, we’ll be joined by Doug Price for an update on KY impeachment proceedings, and our very special guest, State Representative Cherlynn Stevenson (D-88), for a conversation about actions in the statehouse.

TONIGHT   ●   7 PM   ●   Facebook

Recent Content on Forward Kentucky

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[New] ‘That’s not quite true’: Paul clashes with Fox News’ Chris Wallace over impeachment claims – U.S. Sen. Rand Paul sparred with Fox News host Chris Wallace over Paul’s claims about the second impeachment of former President Donald Trump during a Sunday morning interview. (Brief)

[New] Frustrations with mayor, LMPD turn ‘Community Conversation’ into shouting match – At a church in Louisville’s South End Saturday afternoon, new LMPD Chief Erika Shields got a crash course on the deep fractures of the city she now calls home. (Brief)

[New] KY House votes for plan requiring new teachers to work longer, pay more for retirement – The Kentucky House on Thursday overwhelmingly approved a Republican-backed bill that would change the teacher pension system for new hires, sending it to the Senate for consideration. (News)

[New] 🔥 With leadership AWOL, future of Republican Party hangs in the balance – Reports about the impending death of the Republican Party are, as Twain once remarked about his own alleged demise, an exaggeration. But make no mistake, a reckoning is in the offing, the outcome of which will ultimately carry huge consequences. (Commentary)

[New] 🔥 The performative politics of AG Cameron – an interview with Rep. Attica Scott – Rep. Attica Scott says that instead of “performative politics” by the AG and the legislature, we need real reform. It’s time for all the lawmakers, including Republicans, to step up and pass Breonna’s Law and the Maternal Care Act. (News)

[New] 🔥 KY Repubs stand w/ QAnon supporter in House vote; chair of KDP responds – All five Republican members of the U.S. House from Kentucky voted in support of Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green in her fight to keep her committee assignments. (News)

Overridden vetoes, impeachment hearings, and more – Jazmin and Robert discussed the legislature coming back into session and immediately overriding Andy Beshear’s vetoes, the impeachment committee’s meetings, a huge report on the Louisville Metro Police Department commissioned by Metro Louisville, and a COVID-19 update. (Podcast)

🔥 Why this year’s KDP reorganization is so important – The KY Democratic Party is in the process of electing new leaders, from local to state levels. This member of the KDP Executive Committee explains why this is so critical this year. (Commentary)

Judge temporarily halts HB-1; Beshear issues statement – After the legislature overrode his vetoes, Governor Beshear immediately filed a lawsuit asking for three of the bills to be overturned. On Wednesday, a judge issued an injunction blocking one of the three. (News)

Bill advances that would raise the felony threshold for first time in over a decade – HB 126 advanced today out of the Judiciary Committee. The bill would raise KY’s felony threshold to something in line with other states. Included is a statement from KY Smart on Crime. (Press Release)

Biden is inheriting a wrecked economy, but Democrats have a record of avoiding recession and reducing unemployment – Historical data suggests that those who are concerned with the economy have reason to be fairly satisfied with the election results: The economy generally fares better under Democratic presidents. (Analysis)

🔥 Fighting for fairness in Kentucky – In the wake of executive orders across the country restoring LGBTQ rights, there is still an uphill battle being fought in Kentucky to ensure protections. We interview Chris Hartman on the outlook in our state this year. (Feature)

Jewish lasers – Steve Greenberg imagines a conversation between Marjorie Taylor Greene and the “Camp Auschwitz” guy. (Cartoon)

🔥 Governor files lawsuit to stop bills limiting his ability to deal with COVID – Immediately after the Kentucky General Assembly finished overriding all his vetoes, Governor Beshear filed a lawsuit to block the implementation of the bills limiting his ability to deal with the coronavirus pandemic. We’ve got a detailed look at the governor’s filing. (News)

🔥 The GOP has lost its mind – and its soul – Part of the Republican party has become disconnected from reality. Another part has given up on the rule of law. And the rest of the party refuses to call them out on it. (Commentary)

KYGA21 Calendar for 2/4

8:30 am, Annex Room 154


• HB 47 – AN ACT relating to construction or demolition waste disposal.
• HB 207 – AN ACT relating to utility service.

9:00 am, Annex Room 131


• SB 80 – AN ACT relating to peace officers.

10:00 am, Annex Room 154


• HB 256 – AN ACT establishing a commission to celebrate the sesquicentennial anniversary of Harrodsburg.
• HB 209 – AN ACT relating to the donation of game meat.

10:00 am, Annex Room 149


• HB 190 – AN ACT relating to the sale of grocery items by food service establishments and declaring an emergency.

10:00 am, Annex Room 129


• SB 29 – AN ACT relating to indemnification of prosecutors.
• SB 36 – AN ACT relating to juvenile justice.
• SB 52 – AN ACT relating to sexual offenses by peace officers.
• SB 73 – AN ACT relating to the Kentucky Commission on Human Rights.
• SB 84 – AN ACT relating to crimes and administration of punishments.

11:00 am, Annex Room 171


• SB 120 – AN ACT relating to pari-mutuel wagering and declaring an emergency.

11:30 am, Annex Room 131


• SB 77 – AN ACT relating to superintendent screening committees.

12:00 Noon, Annex Room 149


• HB 53 – AN ACT relating to the Advisory Council for Medical Assistance.
• HB 108 – AN ACT relating to the codification of existing Medicaid cancer coverage.
• HB 140 – AN ACT relating to telehealth.
• HB 212 – AN ACT relating to child and maternal fatalities in the Commonwealth.
• HR 4 – A RESOLUTION supporting the Hyde Amendment and encouraging its adoption by the United States Congress in its 2021 session.

12:00 Noon, Annex Room 154


• HB 8 – AN ACT relating to the Kentucky Employees Retirement System’s employers, declaring an emergency, and making an appropriation therefor.
• HB 113 – AN ACT relating to the Teachers’ Retirement System.
• HB 258 – AN ACT relating to the Teachers’ Retirement System.

2:00 pm, House Chambers

House Convenes

2:00 pm, Senate Chambers

Senate Convenes

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