Purpose, Hope, Power

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Dear Friends,

Quality education. Affordable healthcare. Good jobs. The ability for all children to have a life with expectations beyond mere existence. These should all be shared goals. But too often, they are attacked as “radical.” In many ways, these ideas are even more distant today than when Dr. King shared his ideas for justice and liberation decades ago.  

His signature ability to keep a movement focused on the goals while highlighting the milestones along the way shows how important it is for us all to keep our eyes on the prize while refueling with hope. 

Hope is our most critical catalyst during these times, when we are often reminded that not everyone shares the same vision for this country. Even as we close the chapter on the Trump presidency, the subtext in every headline since the election is that Trumpism is far from over. At Future Now Fund, we know that Trumpism did not start when the man entered the oval office, and it will not end when he leaves. We have a lot of work to do to build the future we want — starting at the foundation, in state legislatures.

Our power to create change lies in our strength as a community — our ability to mobilize others. When we help individuals to activate their power in service of true equal opportunity, we unlock the power of a movement of people to work most effectively toward a shared vision. 

As we take this day to recognize Dr. King and his incredible legacy, we want to take a moment to say thank you for sharing our purpose, filling us with hope, and for choosing to build right alongside us.


Esther Fraser
Head of Storytelling
Future Now Fund

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Future Now Fund is building the power to improve Americans’ lives — by winning state legislative majorities and working with them to achieve goals for the common good.

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