GOP Legislators Were at the Riot

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Friends – Last Wednesday, a catastrophe occurred at our nation’s Capitol – and Republican elected officials from states like Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Michigan were present and in support.

At least a dozen GOP state lawmakers were at the U.S. Capitol, participating in the white supremacist insurrection. One representative even had the audacity to live-stream himself breaking into the building.

None of those lawmakers are expecting any consequences, and sadly, the Republican Party is showing that they’re right. In at least one state, Republican leadership backed up a lawmaker who was in attendance – saying he didn’t do anything illegal.

That’s outrageous, and if Republicans won’t hold members of their own party accountable for these travesties, then we will. It’s up to us to make an example of these seditious legislators by defeating them at the ballot box.

At the next chance we get, Republicans like these have to go: Donate today to DEFEAT state Republicans who supported insurrection and all those who are now protecting them >>


If we don’t do anything today, Jake, these right-wing lawmakers will think they can get away with violent stunts like this again.

We have to show that there are consequences to breaking the law and fomenting white-supremacist violence.

To make sure our democracy never gets torn apart by insurrections again, join a growing movement of Democrats who are doing everything they can to defeat Republicans who supported the riots. At the next chance we get, Democrats must be ready.

We need to get Republican legislators like these out of office. They aren’t fit to serve and have no place in a legislative body: Donate today to defeat them and their partisan enablers >>



Photo by MIKE STOLL on Unsplash

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