Washtenaw Democrats! It’s Time to Think About Membership

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There are many reasons for you to get involved with the Washtenaw County Democratic Party. You can help build electoral infrastructure, share information, empower local communities, build a grassroots movement, or reform the state party. One crucial way to do these things is by voting on party-related issues, but you can’t do that unless you are an official, registered member of the Michigan Democratic Party.

For example, you can use your vote in congressional district conventions to choose individuals who will go on to define the direction, the platform, and the rules of the state party. You can also attend and vote during statewide conventions twice a year. These statewide conventions allow members to do things like nominate candidates for such crucial positions as Attorney General and Secretary of State. The choices made in 2018 have been of critical importance during this recent election cycle. (Go, Nessel and Benson!) 

An opportunity for you to participate in one such convention is coming up on February 20, but you must be a registered member by January 20. Since this state party convention is going to be virtual, it will be easy to attend. We’ll be putting out more information about the convention and all of the ways that you, as a member, can use your voice and your vote to influence the Party.

If you are one of the many Democrats who haven’t taken the step of joining yet, use the link below to sign up for free! You can also choose to add a contribution to support the work of the MDP. If you are a member but not sure if your membership is current, just use the same link to update and renew your status.

Membership Signup/Renewal

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