Persist & Resist Call to Action: From National Indivisible – Contact Our U.S. Senators/Representative Immediately

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Persist & Resist – Jan. 7, 2021. 2nd Ed.
(13 Days Until the Inauguration)

The attempted coup at the US Capitol is changing very rapidly with many conflicting reports. This message is up to date with the most current information we have.

This is a scary moment in our nation’s history, and we’ll be honest, we’ve struggled to know what to say. We don’t know how to respond to a violent uprising at all, let alone one in the middle of a pandemic, on a day that began joyfully with wins in Georgia, when the Senate and House were in the process of certifying the results and confirming Joe Biden as our next President.

What we’re witnessing in the nation’s capital now is a violent insurrection intended to overturn our democratically-elected government, chosen by the people. And what is perhaps even more harrowing is that this isn’t being done by some splinter faction: the President of the United States is cheering on the people who are storming the Capitol. And shockingly little has been done to stop it.

This is an attempt to ignore and overturn the most fundamental basis of our democracy, the peaceful transfer of power — and the president incited it. We’ve seen enough. The House must act quickly to introduce new Articles of Impeachment. And the Senate must hold a trial and remove Trump from office and then vote to disqualify him from ever holding federal office again. Click here to call your member of Congress and ask them to impeach the President. Then follow through to the next page and call your senator to ask them to vote to convict him and disqualify him from ever holding office again.  (If the mailboxes are full, email: Sen.Sinema emailand Sen. Kelly email and state your case.  Rep. Gosar wants you to enter your zip code before you get to his email page.)

We know it may feel a little redundant to impeach and remove just weeks before Trump’s term ends. But we simply cannot just wait for Trump to leave office as his threat level to our democracy continues to increase. In the wake of the coup attempt at the Capitol, Republicans must face an explicit choice as to whether or not they willfully and completely reject Trump and Trumpism and ensure that he can never hold elected office again. Impeaching and convicting him is the first step toward reversing the tide of violence — at the Capitol, in Georgia, in Kansas, and elsewhere — that he has directly incited.

It’s also crucial that the House and Senate send a strong message that the United States will not tolerate attempts to usurp democracy, now or ever. If we react with anything less than impeachment and removal, it sends a message to future wannabe authoritarians, following the Trump blueprint, that their plans can succeed if they rally a big enough mob.

Finally, there’s also a really important logistical reason to do this: we’re calling on the Senate not just to convict Trump but to disqualify him — and that’s an additional vote that would ensure he can never hold federal office again. We already know he’s planning to try in 2024 and disqualification would ensure he can’t.

Removing Trump from office and ensuring he’ll never return won’t end Trumpism — we have a lot more work to do to do that. But it is one very important piece of the puzzle and after today it’s clear how absolutely essential it is. Impeaching and convicting him is the first step toward reversing the tide of violence, insurrection, and white supremacist terror that he has incited, at the Capitol and beyond. Please, pick up your phone today and leave a message for your member of Congress telling them they must impeach without delay. Then continue to the next page to be connected to your senators.

Beyond this important ask, one more thing we want to say: a democracy isn’t a place, or a government. A democracy is a people, and we are American democracy. There is no one we’d rather be working with to get through this and build our future with. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you for everything you do. Stay safe, stay healthy, stay engaged.

In solidarity,
Indivisible Team

Also read this selection from a newsletter from David Frum, the Atlantic:

Schedule an impeachment vote for this very night. Stay ’til dawn. Do whatever is necessary. Avert any potential for martial law. Deny Trump command of the military; withdraw the nuclear codes. Don’t wait until the next crossed red line, until the next smashed barrier, until the next putsch attempt. Install Mike Pence right away as the 46th president and work with him to manage the transition on January 20 to Joe Biden as the 47th. Bar Trump from ever again holding office—and get ready to prosecute him for his crimes on January 21.

The First Prescott Indivisible Meeting of 2021!
Thurs. Jan. 7 – 6-7:30pm

  • Speaker – Nicky Indicavitch, Education Team Leader. Familiar with the legislative process and focused on K-12 issues, Nicky will talk about the current legislature and how to make our voice heard using Request to Speak (RTS). You can read more about RTS & upcoming training below.
  • Steering Committee Elections will take place on Thurs., Feb. 4 at our General Meeting. Read the Prescott Indivisible Guidelines and ask questions about our various positions at this meeting. We are still seeking an assistant Treasurer. Find out how you can step up and join our leadership team. If you cannot attend the meeting and want information, contact Mavis Brauer, Chair (

Register in advance for this meeting here or:
After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

Fingers Un-Crossed for GA
Congratulations to Rev. Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff

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Prescott Indivisible was founded in 2017, when Paul Hamilton and Nicole Romine put an ad in the local paper, requesting local progressives to show up at the library. Over 100 people lined up. In short order, we had formed a local chapter of the national Indivisible movement. Within six months we adopted a set of Guidelines that sets the framework in which we work, designed a logo and printed and sold t-shirts. Our mailing list quickly expanded from 100 to over 1,200. We usually have 100 or more attend our general monthly meetings.

Prescott Indivisible has a strong track record of activism. We adopted the team concept: Communication/Events; Voter Education and Elections; Education; Environment; Human Rights; Immigration and Peacekeepers to assist with safely issues. Initially we had a steering committee that consisted of volunteers. After our guidelines were adopted, the steering committee is made up of elected officers and members at large and the heads of the various teams, or their designees. A diverse group of community activists, social justice advocates and others that have volunteer ties to non-profits and religious organizations, the steering committee assists the teams when asked and sets the agendas.

Our teams and their members have worked diligently to make their voices heard. We have made thousands of calls, mailed hundreds of postcards to our legislators in Arizona and in congress. We have collaborated with like-minded organizations to advocate for issues of crucial importance to Arizona and the nation.

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