Pardon Or Execute? How Wealth Trumps Justice.

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When money buys freedom, it is the poor who die.

The Republican Trump administration has pardoned dozens of wealthy supporters while rushing to execute poor people of color. We analyzed forty cases of pardons and executions to see who gets to live and who dies.


“President Trump announced a flurry of Christmas week pardons and commutations, with more expected before he leaves office on Jan. 20. Among the dozens who have so far benefited from Trump’s executive clemency power are allies and friends of the president or other Republicans, including full pardons to some who pleaded guilty to lying to federal law enforcement during the Russia investigation.” – Washington Post

“The Trump administration has executed more Americans than all states combined, report finds. The execution spree was a first in US history and stands contrary to the declining trend in death penalty practices. All three Trump lame-duck executions involved black men. As the DPIC review points out, racial disparities remain prominent in the roll call of the dead, as they have for decades, with almost half of those executed being people of color.” – The Guardian

We analyzed forty cases to see how some people who killed innocent civilians were set free while others were executed. Was there a connection between a wealthy donor to a campaign and being pardoned? Could you cheat Medicare and evade taxes and go free? Could you trample national parks and get a pardon? Were your chances of being pardoned better if you were rich and white? Judge for yourself.

Analysis forty cases to see how some people who killed innocent civilians were set free while others were executed.

Pardon or Execute?

DemLabs collected and packaged public information into the Pardon or Execute app which was designed with free GlideApps software. Highlights:

  • Browse through the details which includes links to original news articles and videos.
  • Search the contents based on people who were EXECUTED or PARDONED using the filter icon.
  • Search for details on an individual by just typing in their name into the search bar.
  • Runs the app on a phone, tablet or laptop without installing any software
  • The app can be updated with new information at any time with new details

How the game is played

How does a democracy get debased where only the rich have access to power and freedom for laws that disenfranchise and execute the poor? Here is a simple description of how the game of Monopoly on Power is played. Download and share this game so others can understand how the game is played.

How does a democracy get debased where only the rich can thrive.

Takeaway: What? You don’t have the money to play this game. Well in that case, you better vote. Your life might just depend on it.


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