As Electoral College Meets to Formalize Joe Biden’s Victory, Will Rob Portman Utter the Words “President-Elect Biden”?

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COLUMBUS — As the Electoral College meets today to formalize Joe Biden’s resounding victory, Sen. Rob Portman is still refusing to call Biden the president-elect, despite the fact that Portman declared the Dec. 8 “safe harbor deadline” as the day when “the 2020 election [must be] brought to a close.”

“Today President-elect Joe Biden’s clear and commanding victory will be confirmed yet again, this time by the Electoral College,” said Ohio Democratic Party Chairman David Pepper. “Donald Trump’s late-night rants and frivolous lawsuits can’t overturn the will of the voters. Trump and his allies have now been rejected by the Supreme Court twice, and election officials from both parties and Trump’s own attorney general agree there is no evidence for Trump’s bogus claims. Still Rob Portman is ducking and covering, hoping no one notices the deadline that he himself set out for the conclusion of the election has come and gone. Today Joe Biden’s Electoral College win will be finalized, and he will be sworn in on Jan. 20. However, Portman can’t bring himself to say ‘President-elect Joe Biden,’ even though the final result is clear and despite the fact he called Trump the president-elect right after Election Day in 2016.

“The word games are one thing, but the bigger problem is throughout this post-election process, Rob has whitewashed what Trump and his lackeys have been doing as mere legal maneuvering. Trump has contacted Republican officials in at least three states and asked them to overturn the results in their states, Trump’s lawyers have threatened violence and armed protesters have intimidated election officials outside their homes. The Michigan State Capitol will be closed today because of credible threats of violence. This is not an ‘orderly transfer of power’ as Portman has claimed. It’s an attack on our democracy, and if it were happening in another country, Rob would have no problem calling it out. Because his own political party is doing it here, Rob has nothing to say.”

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