Rob Portman Still Can’t Say “President-Elect Joe Biden”

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Ohio Dems Win Legal Battle for Additional Dropboxes

The Ohio Democratic Party’s lawsuit against Secretary of State Frank LaRose to clarify state law regarding the installation of multiple ballot dropboxes in each county has concluded without any further appeal by the secretary, clearing the way for boards of elections to take action to make voting by absentee more convenient for Ohio voters.


“During the 2020 general election, too many Ohio voters experienced long lines, chaos and confusion caused by Frank LaRose’s arbitrary decision to limit county boards of elections from installing secure dropboxes at multiple locations for the return of vote-by-mail ballots,” said Ohio Democratic Party Chairman David Pepper. “We went to court to try to make voting more convenient for Ohioans, but LaRose fought us every step of the way. However, our lawsuit in the dropbox case is now concluded, and LaRose has decided not to continue his appeals. The law on this is clear. At the trial court and appellate levels, judges have ruled that expanded dropbox locations are allowed under Ohio law. We look forward to local boards of elections taking action to make voting by mail more convenient for Ohio voters.”



Ohio Republicans Still Humoring Donald Trump

Last month Sen. Rob Portman penned an op-ed in the Cincinnati Enquirer, writing, “On or before Dec. 8, any ongoing efforts to ensure an accurate count must be concluded and the 2020 election brought to a close.”

Portman has continued to humor Donald Trump, refusing to call Joe Biden the president-elect, even as the “safe harbor” deadline — the date that Portman himself said would bring the 2020 election to a conclusion — has come and gone this week.


“Rob Portman is worried about his re-election, so he has been cautious in trying not to poke the bear, but the facts are clear — Joe Biden won an overwhelming victory, crushing Donald Trump by more than 7 million votes in the popular vote and besting him decisively in the Electoral College,” said Ohio Democratic Party Chairman David Pepper.

“Throughout this post-election process, Rob has tried to sugarcoat what Trump has been doing, which is trying to subvert the will of the voters as he has contacted Republican officials in at least three states and asked them to overturn the results of a democratic election. Trump’s lawyers have threatened violence, and armed protesters have intimidated election officials outside their homes. Still Portman has continued to pretend this is just about allowing legal strategies to play out. It’s not. Trump’s goal isn’t to win the election. It’s to undermine our democratic process, and Portman has refused to call it out because he cares more about covering his own backside than standing up for American democracy.”

Meanwhile, five Ohio members of Congress — Jim Jordan, Brad Wenstrup, Bill Johnson, Bob Gibbs and Bob Latta — are backing a Texas lawsuit to throw out the results of the election in four states that Biden won and set aside the votes of tens of millions of Americans, an effort the Pennsylvania attorney general called a “seditious abuse of the judicial process.”



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