Protecting the Vote in Georgia: January 5, 2021, Runoff Election

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Georgia’s Runoff Election for U.S. Senate
January 5, 2021

Help Protect the Right to Vote in Georgia 

Make Calls

These actions are targeted at recruiting
Poll Watchers and in-person Cure Canvassers
and registering under-represented Georgia voters.

Our Resistance Cafes will be open on Thursdays (December 3, 10, and 17 and then on Tuesdays (December 22 and 29) from 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM. 
Sign up here for the Cafes.

Actions For Experienced Phone Bankers

Recruiting Poll Watchers
This phone bank uses Open VPB and is aimed at calling previous Democratic volunteers in counties outside of the big metro counties. These volunteers have NOT been poll watchers previously. The goal is to get people signed up when we speak with them. Here are links to the reactivation instructions and a sign-up form, “Senate Runoff Poll Watcher sign up.” You will need to keep both of these documents open in tabs in your browser. If you haven’t made these calls, please watch this training video. You can make calls from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM.

In-Person Cure Canvass Recruitment
This phone bank uses Open VPB and is aimed at calling people who have been or have expressed an interest in cure canvassing. These volunteers will go door-to-door to help people who have had voting issues in the General Election. This is absolutely essential if we are to take control of the Senate.  You can sign-up for training here and access the instructions (In-Person Cure Canvass Recruitment) here.  You can make calls from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM.

NOTE! The instruction documents used in both of these phone banks are Google docs and are updated automatically. Please review them before you begin making calls. 

For Less Tech-Savvy Phone Bankers

Reclaim Our Vote — Deregistered Voters

December 7 is the deadline to register to vote in the January 5th Special ElectionWe’re calling under-represented Georgia voters who may have been deregistered, and we’re asking them to check their registration. And, we can leave messages! After December 7 we will move to GOTV calls. This effort is with Reclaim Our Vote.ROV is using a new phone bank platform, PDI, which has better quality data and allows for more control over the scripts and questions. Some of the OpenVPB phone banks are still available, but PDI is easy to use and will allow for more contacts per call session. Check out ROV’s training video here, then start making calls here


Stacey Abrams’ org, Fair Fight Action, needs volunteers to text (and call!) voters in Georgia every weekend for the next several weeks! They use ThruText to text, Hubdialer for phone banking, and Slack for support. There is a Zoom training (which combines texting and calling) that must be completed before your shift. 

If you’re new to texting, we recommend familiarizing yourself a bit with the big picture concepts using the materials at Fair Fight training doesn’t spend much time on how to use Slack, so doing a little self-study on Slack will be helpful! Sign up for shift and training HERE!
Take action with Fair Fight.

You Wrote More Than 60,000 Postcards
Since Election Day 2020!

A few days after the election, when it became clear there would be a runoff for two Senate seats in Georgia, Lean Lefters stepped up and offered to write a whopping 52,813 postcards to voters in Muscogee County, GA. This GOTV effort with Reclaim Our Vote targeted registered voters of color, giving them two ways to find their Early Voting locations.

Next, we wrote 8,000 postcards for Spread the Vote, a nonprofit organization that is currently helping young, under-represented Georgia residents register to vote or obtain the required voter ID.

What an amazing turnout from our community of postcard writers!

Postcards will return in 2021. Our work isn’t done until every last vote is counted!

Have questions? Need support?
Get in touch with us here. 

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