Two Critical Runoffs in Georgia

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This election proved that Georgia is a battleground state, but the fight isn’t over yet.

In a few short weeks, both of Georgia’s U.S. Senate seats will be heading into runoffs. If Democrats do the unprecedented and topple both GOP incumbents, Mitch McConnell will LOSE his majority in the Senate!

The work isn’t finished and Democrats must get the resources and funds they need to win in the final lap. Time is of the essence – and with your support, we can put an exclamation point on these historic elections.

Can you split a donation between Fair Fight to help mobilize voters for these runoffs and the DLCC to elect state Democrats in Georgia and across the nation?

If you’ve stored your payment information with ActBlue Express, your donation will process immediately and be split evenly between Fair Fight and the DLCC

Flipping Georgia blue in the presidential race was a herculean task. Republicans engaged in “textbook voter suppression,” putting up as many barriers as they could to allow fewer citizens to vote.

But Stacey Abrams and organizers saw a path to victory and built the necessary groundwork to win. And they did.

Fair Fight – the organization Stacey Abrams founded to fight back against voter suppression – is working around the clock to make history happen again, and we need to have their back.

Let’s take it home this election, Taylor. Rush a donation NOW between the DLCC and Fair Fight to turn out Democrats everywhere >>


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