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Register Democrats.

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November 12, 2020





Election Night 2016, I couldn’t stop saying the word “NO.” Since the 2020 Election was called, I can’t stop saying, “YES.” Yes is the most positive word in the language. Yes opens us. Yes embraces. Yes empowers. It started with a small yes. Yes, I’ll go to a meeting. Yes, I’ll volunteer for a voter drive. Yes, I’ll donate a little. Then the yes grew. Yes, I’ll work as long as it takes. Yes, I’ll lead this meeting. Yes, I’ll make activism a permanent part of my life.  We were brave. We found friends, ventured into our nearest forest of no’s and maybes, and emerged with a few more yeses every time. We learned to not be scared by no. Not the small no of a stranger at a voter drive. Not the staggering no of Mitch McConnell and the Republicans, the Party of No. Not even Trump, the Human No. And four years later, 75 million of us showed up to say yes. Despite the pandemic, the weaponized postal service, and every type of racist, classist voter suppression…75 million of us shouted yes, sang yes, whispered yes, wept yes… and voted yes. Yes to America. Yes to democracy. Yes to the rights of every single human being. Yes to healthcare, yes to racial equity, yes to addressing the climate crisis. Yes to kindness and soul, yes to rebuilding our economy while helping our vulnerable. Yes to nurturing our talents, yes to science, yes to art, yes to the hard work that comes next. And you know what happened.WI, MI, and PA came home, restoring the Blue Wall.AZ flipped for the first time in 24 years, and GA flipped for the first time in 28. We saved the world. For four years we dreamed of this moment. We dreamed there would be dancing in the streets. There was.  Yes we can. Yes we did. Yes we will again!


THE WORK CONTINUES!Field Team 6 is JUST GETTING STARTED. The enemies of democracy don’t sleep – and neither do we. Our mission – register Democrats, save the world – continues all year, every year. Speaking of which… Hello, Georgia!



The two runoff elections on 1/5 offer us a shot at Democratic control of the Senate and wresting the gavel from Mitch McConnell’s purple hand. We are super grateful to have partnered with the incredible organizers of the Gwinnett County Democratic Party to help elect Rev. Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff. Everything we do in GA, we’re doing with them! Here’s the plan: 

  • Hire an on-the-ground organizer in Georgia to (safely!) register new Democrats in person.
  • Contact over a million unregistered voters through texting, emails and targeted social media ads before the December 7th registration deadline.
  • Contact 800,000 registered Democratic voters to encourage them to return their mail-in ballots to dropboxes or early voting sites, starting December 14th.

But to turn these plans into reality, we need one more thing: the money to fund them. We’re looking to raise $175,000. And we need your help. So – even though we all emptied our wallets over the last few months – it’s time to dig a little deeper, if you can, to help fund our last chance to flip the Senate. If you’re able to give, please click HERE – we and the Gwinnett County Democrats would be incredibly grateful.


Fresh off last week’s big win, our hero Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez put out a Twitter call to recognize the most kickass grassroots organizations. And our other hero Representative Adam Schiff answered the call by spotlighting Field Team 6 and our wonderful partner Civic Sundays! Much gratitude to the congressman for the recognition. We’re incredibly thrilled to be in this fight with these two Resistance heroes!


If you have 2 hours, you can STILL help save the world. Click VOLUNTEER OPS below to get details and sign up!PHONE, TEXT & SAFE ON-THE-GROUND OPPORTUNITIES IN GA! Reach out to Dems in GA before the crucial 1/5/21 runoff election. Rev. Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff’s victories will secure Democratic Senate control and allow the Biden/Harris agenda to become reality! BALLOT CURING! Every vote must be counted! We need your help NOW “curing” ballots: making sure people in key states who have made mistakes on their ballots get the chance to fix them!AZ – NC – NV



Field Team 6 is so proud of the work we’ve done together over this last presidential cycle. Here are some of the milestones we achieved! Since 2016, our volunteers have registered a total of 29,289 progressive voters across our 12 states. Highlights of those include: 6,036 voters in AZ, 52% of Biden’s current victory margin of 11,537…2,017 voters in PA…1,789 voters in FL… 664 voters in GA…many thousands of voters to secure swing House districts in CA, including CA-45 (Katie Porter), CA-25 (Christy Smith we pray!), and CA-39 (Gil Cisneros)…and thousands more. Since February 2019, when FT6 got up and running, we’ve booked 39,153 volunteer shifts. About 20k/year! Since August 2020, when we cranked up our digital field program, look what we’ve done! Texts sent: 11,647,185Emails sent: 6,422,728Social Media Ads – Impressions: 11,827,199Social Media Ads – Reach: 3,015,191Phone calls: 100k From the scrappy upstart that we are, these results are phenomenal. We were not only a giant part of flipping AZ for the first time in 24 years, we also helped get Mark Kelly elected, which puts the Senate within reach. And the voters we registered across our 12 battlegrounds not only helped depose a dictator and hold the House majority… they will continue to vote blue, pushing their states and districts and precincts more and more blue over time. WELL DONE, everyone!!


To every single one of our volunteers – thank you for not just yelling at the TV, but actually doing the crucial work that turns passion into results! You showed up day after day and year after year. It required new skills and thick skin… nevertheless, you persisted! You went out of your comfort zone to make the world a more comfortable place. We appreciate so much your heart, your courage, and the joy you brought to this work every single day. You are the lifeblood of Field Team 6! To every single one of our donors – thank you for turbocharging our dreams! In two years, your dollars have transformed our organization from a chubby dude with a credit card and a dream into a data-driven powerhouse of activism with a national wingspan. To every single one of the 135 amazing people on our volunteer staff, as well as all our volunteer Field Organizers and Digital Field Organizers – thank you for setting up hundreds of voter drives, running massive Zoom calls, designing graphics, producing videos, spreading the word on social media, and doing more things than I can even name here to push this organization forward in every way.  Thank you all forever for this! What we have achieved together is nothing short of mind blowing. You’ve given life to Field Team 6. We’ve changed each other’s lives forever. And along the way, we’ve helped literally save America’s life! Let’s keep going, shall we?


The work continues! However, this newsletter will take a brief break before returning in a few weeks. Please continue to check the Volunteer Ops page of the Field Team 6 website frequently for updates!



Voterizer is available to all grassroots groups, Dem clubs, and Resistance partners! Click HERE to get your own version of Voterizer, with your organization’s logo on it – plus access to the data of every voter you register! And we’d love for anyone with a website to embed Voterizer and get visitors registered without even leaving the page. Get instructions and the embed code RIGHT HERE!

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Field Team 6 is a national volunteer army with a simple mission: Register Democrats. Save the world. By targeting places that need Democrats most, we aim to take the White House, flip the Senate, and expand our House majority.

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