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Hi everyone!

It’s Thursday. We’re now two days past the Official End of the COVID Pandemic, according to you-know-who, which will come as a huge surprise to the +78,981 who just caught it, as well as the families of the 994 people who just died. Then, in 4 days+, we’ll be in the middle of the most consequential election of our lifetime. 

So, yeah, we’re busy. So busy, not every event got into our daily graphic. Apologies. Main post here.
If you haven’t voted yet – here’s our voting guide to assist.

Be sure to use the REAL ballot drop boxes now, as who knows what’s going on with the mail. Find your most convenient location here:

If you were busy, or underage during regular voter registration time, no worries! 

You just have to do it “live”, at one of these really convenient IN-PERSON Voter locations, starting this Saturday and open every day through Nov. 3rd. (

Vote near work, vote near school, vote near home. It doesn’t matter which one you go to – you will not be turned away. Bring your drivers’ license/State ID number with you or the last four digits of your social security number.

Here’s what’s happening.

5:30-7:30: Join MICOP in their online celebration “Night in Oaxaca.” Proceeds from this fundraiser go directly to support our indigenous families with programs such as literacy classes for adults, a youth group encouraging higher education for teens, humanitarian assistance for families in dire need, and radio programming that reaches thousands of people in Ventura County every day!

5:00-7:00: Film vewing and discussion: Hosted by White People 4 Black Lives / SURJ Affiliate Los Angeles. @dahliaseed will be on a panel with Edgar Villanueva AND the legendary Angela Davis! Join them in conversation about the film FOLLOW ME HOME and an honest and thought-provoking discussion about how and where white people can engage to further the racial equity movement. Register online at

6:00-7:30: Sign up for the last training to join the Election Defenders.

6:00-7:30: Webinar – “Understanding White Supremacy as a System & Culture.” This is a presentation from SURJ-affiliate AWARE-LA.

6:00-7:00: Virtual Calavera LGBTQ Festival and Raffle. Join supporters and friends in this free event as we celebrate the 5th annual LGBTQ Calavera Festival. Art, Entertainment, Altars, Raffle, and a Blessing of the Official Calavera Ofrenda. Special Performance by Mariacho Arco Iris de Los Angeles. $25 raffle tickets are being sold in advance to benefit our LGBTQ Youth College Scholarship Fund.

7:00-8:30: Online discussion – “Looking at Male Privilege”, offered by SURJ Affiliate WP4BL.

We’ve published our Friends and Family Voting toolkit. Beyond phone banking, and textbanking and rallies, and marches, this toolkit directs your attention to people who could use your insight, energy and kindness, closer to home – your friends and family. Don’t leave them behind. Those most disaffected by politics, are often the same people who’ll be the most negatively affected by their voices going unheard at the ballot box.

There’s an emergency with PA voters and they need volunteers to help. Turns out that nearly 30,000 voters in Alleghany County, PA, got the wrong ballots! They need to be contacted and told that new ones are coming, which have to be returned promptly. Times are flexible but SOON is important.

The NAACP has a great list of activities to mobilize Black voters living near you.

We have a long list of phone and text banks that need your assistance and here:

Keep your calendars marked with “Events happening tomorrow” “Events happening soon”

OK, that’s a lot to do. But this is how we go forward.

Indivisible Ventura

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