7 Days: Updated GOTV Guide, Protect the Results, and Candidate Profiles

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Hello friends,

As we started working on this week’s newsletter, the Senate had not yet voted on the nomination of Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court. By the time we sent it, she had already been sworn in. Another injustice in a long series perpetrated by people who no longer even pretend that they work for the American people. It’s demoralizing. It’s infuriating. But it’s also motivating. We are poised to take our government back from those who have run it into the ground. But our success depends on each of us doing something to turn out the vote. A phone bank. A canvass. An uncomfortable conversation with a neighbor who hasn’t voted and could still be persuaded to put their country first. We have 3 asks of you tonight:

VOTE. Still have your absentee ballot? Return it ASAP to your town clerk or to a drop box at your town office. If you can vote absentee, please do that instead of waiting until Election Day. Deadline to request an absentee ballot online or by phone is THIS THURSDAY. Deadline to vote in-person absentee at your town office is THIS FRIDAY. Your town clerk must receive your ballot by 8PM ON ELECTION DAY. Have questions? Visit our Voting FAQ

GET OUT THE VOTE. This week is our last chance to turn out the vote for the candidates we support. We’ve added actions from 9 different groups to our GOTV action guide. Find a canvass, lit drop, or phone and text bank and sign up today!

PROTECT THE RESULTS. Suit Up Maine is part of Protect The Results, a national coalition of voting rights and progressive advocacy organizations working to mobilize thousands of people across the country, including in Maine, should Trump lose and then follow through on his threat to ignore the results of the election. Learn more, sign up for a protest in Maine, and register for de-escalation training in our Protect the Results Maine call to action.

This is the moment we’ve been working toward for four years. Together, we can do this.

In solidarity,

The Suit Up Maine Admin Team

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Maine’s entire Legislature is up for re-election Nov. 3. Here are a few candidates you should know about, and ways to volunteer for their campaigns.

Bev Uhlenhake
Senate District 8

Bev Uhlenhake is running for the Senate in District 8, which covers more than a dozen towns in Penobscot and Hancock counties. During her 6 years on the Brewer City Council, including two terms as Brewer’s mayor, she worked to keep property taxes low, an issue she plans to take with her to Augusta. Among her key issues is education, including adequate funding for schools and support for technical schools and community colleges. She’s also focused on infrastructure, access to quality health care, and shaping good government. Uhlenhake has been endorsed by Maine Education Association, Emily’s List, EqualityMaine, Maine AFL-CIO, and the Maine Association of Realtors. She’s running against incumbent Republican Kim Rosen. Find out more about Uhlenhake’s policies and sign up to volunteer with a phone bank on her campaign website and Facebook page

Bettyann Sheats
House District 64
Bettyann Sheats is running for re-election in House District 64, covering Auburn and Minot. A 1984 graduate of the US Military Academy, Sheats served for seven years as an Army helicopter pilot. In Augusta, Sheats currently serves on the Transportation Committee. She sponsored a bill to create a bond issue to support Maine’s rail infrastructure, including passenger service, which was held over when the Legislature adjourned in March. She also sponsored a number of measures aimed at improving the lives of veterans and their families. Sheat’s policies have earned her endorsements from MSEA-SEIU Local 189, the Sierra Club, Professional Firefighters of Maine, Maine Conservation Voters, and the Maine Education Association. Sheats, a Clean Elections candidate, is running against Laurel Libby, who has received donations from individuals and groups tied to the anti-vaxx movement and a number of conservative and far-right PACs. Learn more about Sheat’s platform on her Facebook page and campaign website.  

Eloise Vitelli
Senate District 23

Senate Assistant Majority Leader Eloise Vitelli is running for re-election in District 23, covering Sagadahoc County and part of the town of Dresden in Lincoln County. Vitelli has sponsored a number of bills signed into law during her last term, including a measure that promotes drug pricing transparency, a “student loan bill of rights” that protects student borrowers from unscrupulous lending practices, and a measure included in a suite of bills to address climate change in Maine. She supports efforts to expand broadband and finding innovative ways to grow Maine businesses, while also supporting a living wage for workers. She has been recognized by the AARP and the Maine Renewable Energy Association and is endorsed by the Maine AFL-CIO, EqualityMaine, the Maine Education Association, and others. Learn more about Vitelli’s platform and sign up to volunteer on her campaign website and Facebook page

April Turner
House District 99
April Turner, a lifelong Mainer, is running in House District 99, covering a number of towns in Waldo County. Turner’s platform is shaped by her work as a social worker and her experience with raising a family during difficult economic times. She is committed to improving the lives of families, workers, and those living in poverty by ensuring people have access to mental health services, a livable wage, universal health care, quality education, and broadband internet access. Turner is running against incumbent Republican MaryAnne Kinney. Kinney voted against voter-passed Medicaid expansion and bills to ban food shaming in Maine schools and the harmful practice of conversion therapy, and opposed a host of legislation to advance fair pay and workers rights, earning her a score of 10 out of 100 from the Maine AFL-CIO. She also joined the rest of her caucus in refusing to return to work in a special session to address issues important to Mainers. Learn more about Turner’s platform and sign up to volunteer on her campaign website or Facebook page

On our website you’ll also find:

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  • Guides & Explainers: Resources on complex topics.
  • Civic Dashboard: Contact info for your elected officials, tutorials on the legislative process, and more.

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