Suit Up Maine

Suit Up Maine is a statewide, all-volunteer, progressive, grassroots group of more than 5,400 Mainers that seeks to create and foster a more informed and engaged electorate. We raise awareness of and advocate for policies and legislation that promote equity and equality in civil rights, social justice, health care, the environment, education, the economy, and other areas that affect the lives of all people. We are beholden to issues and action, not parties or politicians, and we aren’t engaged in fundraising. Suit Up Maine fosters collaboration among our state’s progressive groups and organizations to collectively connect, educate, and motivate Mainers to rise in non-violent resistance to a regressive agenda.

How Can You Support Transgender People in Maine?

Hello friends, Today is International Transgender Day of Visibility, a time to honor and celebrate transgender and nonbinary people, amplify their voices, and commit to becoming better allies. Transgender people are under


Voter suppression, votes in the Legislature and top events

Hello friends,  Heinous. That’s the best word to describe Georgia’s new voter suppression law, signed into law this week. The legislation attacks free and fair elections by allowing the Republican-led Legislature to usurp and overrule county election

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