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I know it’s trite to say, but it has been a very long four years. I went to my first protest within days of the election of the current White House occupant. (I try to never use his name. “Current White House occupant” is the G-rated term I use for him.) I made my sign way back then, and it’s gone along with me to the dozens of rallies and protests I have attended or hosted ever since.

It would be hard to give an estimate of the number of rallies I’ve hosted, much less the number I have attended. At that first one, organized by an outraged high school student and a few of her friends, I felt energized and supported and passionate and angry and on and on and on. All those emotions have accompanied me to every other rally since — from the Women’s March in D.C. in 2017 to the many Nobody Is Above the Law rallies (which I co-hosted with other activists in Marin County) to the huge Families Belong Together rally we held in June 2018. I’ve attended protests in Oakland and San Francisco, in San Jose and San Diego, in my own small town of Novato, and at points in between.

When the current White House occupant fired Attorney General Jeff Sessions a mere 12 hours after the results of the midterm elections came in, we rallied again. We got the alert from MoveOn just three days after I had sent my final GOTV texts and two days after canvassing in a swing district several hours from my home, and we mobilized within hours. We showed up in our town, along with hundreds of others, to make it known that we would not let the current WH occupant interfere with the Mueller investigation. I remember getting the word and then talking with the other hosts and saying, “He thinks we’re too tired for this? He is so #$%@ wrong.”

The election is less than 14 days away. I am scared. I know I am not alone. What if that evil man tries to declare victory before all the votes are counted? What if he and his henchman, both foreign and domestic, falsely claim election problems occurred in some states? What if he activates his network of white supremacist terrorists?

I am scared. But I am not alone. And I can put that fear to rest by preparing to protect the results starting as soon as Nov. 4. That’s the first day Indivisible, Stand Up America, MoveOn, DemCast and practically every other progressive organization are making sure Americans are ready to Protect the Results. The stated goal:

We are building a coalition of voters ready to mobilize if Donald Trump refuses to accept the results of the 2020 presidential election.”

Around 5 p.m. local time, hundreds of thousands of us will neither stand back nor stand by when we take the streets to show the current White House occupant that we are ready. And we are armed with democracy. This isn’t just a one-off, though, we have to be ready to take to the streets every single day until every vote is counted. Until accurate results are certified by each state’s governor. Until electoral votes are cast and the inauguration of the legitimate president is complete.

Get ready. Find a Protect the Results rally near you. Can’t find one near you? Sign up to host one. We have fought hard for this long, we can keep up the fight.

As I said after the midterms, “He thinks we’re too tired for this? He is so #$%@ wrong.”

Learn more about post-election protests and sign up at Protect the Results.

Ready to sign up right now? Go straight to Mobilize.

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