RELEASE: Ivanka Trump Can’t Spin Her Father’s Incompetent, Chaotic Pandemic Response

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In response to Ivanka Trump’s appearance in Cincinnati today, Ohio Democratic Party Chair David Pepper released the following statement:

“Donald Trump promised to ‘crush’ this pandemic. Instead, as we mourn the loss of more than 5,000 Ohioans, cases are still spiking, and working families are still struggling to survive his cratering economy. It didn’t have to be this bad, but Trump’s incompetence and refusal to put anyone before himself has allowed this crisis to spiral out of control. A photo op can’t spin that record of failure.

“We can’t afford four more years of this chaos and incompetence. More than ever, we need strong, unifying leadership in the White House. With President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, we will finally defeat this pandemic and build back better than before.”


Promise: “My plan is to crush the virus.” [Donald Trump, Dayton, Sept. 21, 2020]

  • Reality: With more than 217,000 Americans dead and nearly 8 million infected, the United States has 4 percent of the world’s population but 20 percent of infections and deaths. In Ohio alone, more than 175,000 people have contracted the virus, and more than 5,000 have lost their lives.

Promise: “We have to protect our most vulnerable citizens against this horrible virus.” [Trump, Clyde, Aug. 6, 2020]

Promise: “I promise you, in the days ahead, we’ll continue to put the health of America first.” [Mike Pence, Zanesville, Sept. 16, 2020]

  • Reality: Politico: Trump official pressured CDC to change report on Covid and kids. “The episode is the latest example of how Trump appointees’ interference has rippled across the health department — and how even when career experts can find common ground with political officials, they have been tainted by the unprecedented efforts to shape their findings.”

Promise: “We’re attacking the virus from every angle. And through this aggressive strategy, we will win the war, and it will happen sooner than people think.” [Donald Trump, Clyde, Aug. 6, 2020]

Photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash.

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