Speak Out Against This Spectacle & Another Top Republican Warns of “A Terrible Election”

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Lindsey Graham just reminded the nation why, after four years of Donald Trump, NO Republican can be trusted with power.

Graham once called Trump “crazy” and “unfit,” but he thinks his ticket to re-election is to help Trump steal another Supreme Court seat – and his ranting about his opponent’s campaign at today’s hearing proves just how far he’s willing to go.

To Republicans, this hearing is about more than just the Supreme Court – it’s about Trump and Graham begging their base to give them another chance to sell our nation out. It’s disgraceful.

Republicans like Graham and his state allies have had every possible opportunity to hold Trump accountable and force him to govern in a responsible way.

It’s heartbreaking to think how different things could have been, especially this week, if we had Republicans at any level who cared about the legitimacy of institutions like the Supreme Court and were willing to put the country first.

Instead, we have Lindsey Graham – and thousands of cowardly Republicans like him in the states. It’s critical that we use this moment to take a stand and make the American people’s will felt.

Before these hearings end: Speak out now to DEMAND that the Senate let the will of the voter be felt.

After nearly becoming the poster-child for the drubbing Republicans suffered in 2018, Ted Cruz knows a looming GOP defeat when he sees one.

And Cruz thinks 2020 is shaping up to be awful.

In an interview with CNBC, Cruz warned that if Election Day looks like today – with swing voters “angry” and “depressed” and ready to hold Republicans accountable for their failed leadership – Democrats could be looking at landslide victories up and down the ticket:

“I think it could be a terrible election. I think we could lose the White House and both houses of Congress, that it could be a bloodbath of Watergate proportions.”

We never ever thought we’d say this, but Ted Cruz is right. If we keep pushing, we could be on the verge of the most crushing Democratic victory in generations – but we only have a few weeks left to make Cruz’s nightmare scenario a reality.

Cruz isn’t the only top Republican panicking about these elections. In fact, on the same day Cruz was warning of a bloodbath, Mitch McConnell reportedly “vented” on a conference call with lobbyists that Republicans “are being financially overwhelmed because of small-dollar contributions to ActBlue.”

That’s because they never saw you coming: Republicans never imagined that with all the special interests and right-wing billionaires in their corner, they could be overpowered by grassroots donors giving a few dollars each – but that’s exactly what’s happening, and they are terrified.

It’s absolutely critical that we keep up the pressure: Chip in now to make Cruz and McConnell’s nightmare come true and help send a blue wave from America’s statehouses straight to Donald Trump’s doorstep.


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