Historic Surge in Turnout, Right When We Needed it the Most

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Friends – As early and absentee voting ramps up in key battleground states, ABC News reports that we’re seeing an “absolute shattering” of records and expectations – especially in Democratic strongholds.

It couldn’t have come at a more crucial time. With Republicans rushing to lock in right-wing control of the Supreme Court, only a MASSIVE surge of grassroots energy has any hope of defeating Trump’s agenda and state allies and undoing the damage they’ve inflicted on our country.

The latest reports are worrying, however: Republican billionaire Sheldon Adelson and a new right-wing superpac have reportedly pledged up to $75 million to prop up GOP candidates up and down the ballot, and state Democrats are now in serious danger of being out-spent.

We’re asking 5,000 of our best grassroots supporters to step up TODAY to help state Democrats fight back. The first $5 million of Adelson’s cash just showed up in Texas, and other key battlegrounds won’t be far behind.

Can we count on you? Rush a donation right now to elect state Democrats and keep our supporters SURGING to the polls >>

With less than 25 days left until Election Day, we simply CANNOT afford to let the Republicans’ billionaire donors outspend us down the final stretch.

Too much is at stake – from tens of millions of Americans’ health insurance to our voting rights, reproductive rights, collective bargaining rights, and much more.

It is absolutely critical that we keep Democratic energy as high as possible until the last ballot is counted. It’s the only way we’ll defeat Trump’s agenda and allies, and we only have a short time left to make that happen.

Keep Democratic voters surging to the polls: Rush a donation now to elect state Democrats and answer the GOP’s late spending >>



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