Trump’s Toxic Health Care Agenda

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Your Health Care Is On The Ballot

This week Ohio Democrats highlighted what’s at stake in the 2020 presidential election, as Donald Trump continues to attack the Affordable Care Act in the courts. Trump’s toxic health care agenda is putting coverage at risk for five million Ohioans with pre-existing conditions.

Ahead of the vice presidential debate on Wednesday, the Ohio Democratic Party conducted a virtual roundtable with Ohio Democratic Party Vice Chairwoman Rhine McLin, Ohio Legislative Black Caucus President Stephanie Howse and Cincinnati mother Antroinette Worsham to call out the Trump administration’s failures on health care and the coronavirus crisis, which have disproportionately impacted the African-American community.

From state Rep. Stephanie Howse:

“Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have a different vision for America that is focused on listening to science and working in partnership and not having this adversarial relationship with people who are partners that can help us solve and close this health disparity gap that we are seeing across America, but especially in our Black community. We can’t afford three more months, let alone four more years of Donald Trump. His incompetence is playing out, and it has led to deadly consequences.”

From Antroinette Worsham, when asked about Donald Trump’s comments at the presidential debate, claiming insulin is “so cheap it’s like water”:

“Oh my god. You know, Trump, he impacted the diabetes community when he said that. We know that insulin is not cheap as water. More and more Americans are dying because they cannot afford their insulin. It’s not just in the Black community, it’s not just in the white community, it’s not just in the Latino community, it’s not just in the Hispanic community. Insulin is very expensive in America.”

Sen. Sherrod Brown also focused on health care this week, sharing the stories of Ohio families who fear what will happen if the U.S. Supreme Court overturns the Affordable Care Act.



Ohio Needs New Supreme Court Justices

Ohio Supreme Court Justices Judi French and Sharon Kennedy are being called to account for their ruling against a child sexual assault victim in a new ad campaign that launched this week on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and other digital platforms, targeting Ohioans as they begin voting.

“Justices Judi French and Sharon Kennedy have both ruled against victims of horrific child abuse and sexual assault and denied them the full measure of justice,” said Ohio Democratic Party Communications Director Kirstin Alvanitakis. “As Ohioans are heading to the polls in record numbers for early voting, it’s important they know what’s at stake. Ohio needs new Supreme Court justices to protect victims of rape and abuse. We need to elect Judge John P. O’Donnell and Judge Jennifer Brunner.”



Join Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Ohio AFL-CIO Secretary Treasurer Melissa Cropper and working women from across Ohio for a virtual early vote rally on Monday, Oct. 12. Click here to RSVP.


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