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Friends – With today marking exactly 30 days until Election Day, the latest polls from five of the biggest must-win battleground states show a dramatic shift in favor of Democrats. Here are the numbers:

Wisconsin 4740
Michigan 4539
Arizona 5044
Iowa 4944
Pennsylvania 4741

If we can hold leads like these for just a little longer, Taylor, we’ll be 30 days away from the most historic, crushing Democratic wave in more than a generation – but these numbers could soon change.

Because this final, 30-day sprint will be so decisive, GOP dark-money groups just announced millions in late spending in these key states, much of it reserved for negative ads.

A generous group of donors is helping us fight back in the final 30 days by MATCHING every online donation until tomorrow night! That means your gift will have TRIPLE the impact to bolster state Democrats and stop any chance of a GOP victory.

Are you in? Rush a $10 donation now and your gift will be MATCHED for triple the impact >>

While Democrats have gained an important edge over the GOP for now, it’s made Republican donors more determined than ever to push Trump and his allies back into the lead.

If we want to see a blue wave crashing this November, every contribution to elect state Dems counts! That’s why this deadline TOMORROW is so crucial – but you have to act fast if you want your gift to have triple the impact!



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