WTF Was That Debate?

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48 hours later are you all as mystified as I am?  That was an American Presidential debate we all watched. A debate in the year 2020, one of the saddest years I have experienced in my 50 years on this planet.  Not only did our American President present himself as uncontrolled but also refused to condemn racism while giving these “Proud Boys” a clear message: “Stand Back and Stand By.” By saying “Stand By” he implied that they will be needed in the civil war that he is creating. And, they have rallied in the last few days, creating their battle cry and arming themselves for the war that our American President is gearing up for.  Who is this war against? It is a war to end our dying democracy. It is a war against those of us who have stood up for the idea that all people are created equal.

A dying democracy.

Sure, he’s been lying and activating racists groups since his campaign in 2016, but we let him get elected.  And now we are allowing our democracy to die too–it’s a year of death and destruction. Forget making America great again. 2020 has been a year of slowly dismantling everything that made our country great in the first place.  This President’s refusal to protect the more than 205,000 citizens that we’ve lost to a global pandemic, followed by the GOP’s turnabout on replacing Justice Ginsberg during a Presidential election, and his lack of basic civility and honesty has left the final remnants of our democracy in a heap on that debate floor on Tuesday night.

No one was a winner.  We are all losers.

We gained no insight; no hope was given. Instead, we were witness to a slap-fest for our democracy. Proud Boys are gearing up, but what are YOU going to do?  I’m going to keep marching and rallying. I’ve signed up for text and phone banking to get people out to vote and voting early (let’s not even make voter fraud a question—we need a landslide). I’m on a partial layoff (Thanks, Mr. President), but I give $25 each month to the Democratic party. If my small actions are duplicated by the millions of individuals who I know believe in equity and equality for all people no matter their skin color, gender, or economic status, we can vote him out.  We need everyone on board this time.  We need women, people of color and progressive voters because if you don’t vote democratic this November, mingling with the ashes from climate-fires, we’ll see the ashes of our democracy.  This President has destroyed some of the very foundation that has made our nation great and set us on a path of divisiveness, injustice, and pettiness.

Let’s change the course. Vote Him out.

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