REPORT: Republicans Just Revealed the Two States They’re Most Afraid of Losing

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This close to Election Day, there’s no more time for bluffing. Republicans just revealed that two of their biggest strongholds are in imminent danger of flipping blue – but only if we move NOW to seize the advantage.

In stunning news, a national GOP group funded by the Koch network announced nearly $10 million in late spending to defend their hold on Georgia and Texas – two longtime Republican strongholds that suddenly look like tossups.

If these two states flip blue, Republicans are DONE, and they know it. Trump would be toast, and so would Mitch McConnell’s Senate majority and his plans to pack the Supreme Court. GOP gerrymandering would END in two of the year’s biggest redistricting targets.

This is the Republicans’ last line of defense, and we need to move NOW to overrun it and send state Democrats to historic victories across the nation. We’re asking strongest supporters to step up urgently over the final few weeks until Election Day.

Let’s get this done: Rush a donation right now to help state Democrats flip key battlegrounds blue across the nation >>


Our strategy of expanding the map and investing early in red-leaning states has forced Trump and his state allies back on their heels.

Now it’s time to dig in, finish the job, and deliver the historic Democratic victories America desperately needs in this moment of crisis.

Your support could be pivotal — not just to topple the GOP’s red wall in Texas and Georgia, but also to flip key battlegrounds across the nation. We need everyone stepping up, before this opportunity slips away.

Can we count on you? Rush a donation now to help state Democrats across the country finish strong.


Image by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

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