Who the Heck Does He Think He Is?

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Dear friends,

It’s not often that I’m shocked by something that Donald Trump said or did. However, the new reports about what the president has said about our veterans — some who gave all in service to our country — are truly shocking. Calling our servicemen and women “losers” and “suckers” is beyond the pale.

Today Joe Biden responded to Trump’s remarks:

“When my son was an assistant U.S. attorney and he volunteered to go to Kosovo while the war was going on as a civilian, he wasn’t a sucker. When my son volunteered and joined the United States military as the attorney general, and went to Iraq for a year, won the Bronze Star and other commendations, he wasn’t a sucker. The service men and women he served with, particularly those that did not come home, were not losers. If these statements are true, the president should humbly apologize to every Gold Star mother and father and Blue Star family that he’s denigrated and insulted. Who the heck does he think he is?”

One of our Ohio Vets for Biden, Don Moss, responded with his own video:


I’m proud of the many Ohio Democratic officials and candidates who have served in the military. We appreciate their service. Our gratitude will never be enough.

Wishing you and your family a restful and restorative Labor Day weekend,


David Pepper
Ohio Democratic Party



Trump’s Coronavirus Failure Unites Ohio and Michigan

One day after the Ohio State Buckeyes would have played their first football game of the season, the Michigan and Ohio Democratic Parties held a virtual news conference with College Democrats. On the call, Congresswoman Debbie Dingell and Columbus City Attorney Zach Klein were joined by College Democrats President Matthew Nowling and students from the University of Michigan and The Ohio State University to highlight how Donald Trump’s reckless and chaotic response to the coronavirus crisis has hurt one of college football’s great rivalries and devastated Ann Arbor and Columbus small businesses.


“The reality at the end of the day is the president has failed to recognize and appreciate the severity of the coronavirus and the spread of COVID-19 in our community,” said Columbus City Attorney Zach Klein. “And as a result, people are losing jobs, people are dying, people are getting sick, but also our economy is failing and we have no football. All of that is because of failed presidential leadership. The economy is COVID and COVID is the economy. Until the President of the United States recognizes it for what it’s worth and takes it seriously, recognizes that it’s not a hoax, that we should be wearing masks, and putting together a national comprehensive plan, not only are we not going to have football, we’re not going to be able to have the economic rebound for the families that deserve it that want to put food on their table for their kids.”

“I was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio and am an ardent Ohio State fan,” said College Democrats of America President Matthew Nowling. “Our rivalry will continue after we fire Donald Trump in the fall and this virus ends, but it didn’t have to be this bad. Trump left states to fend for themselves and tweeted out conspiracy theories and this ineffective leadership has hurt students on college campuses. If we had leadership who listened to the science, I could have been gearing up to tailgate tomorrow instead of reading about the terrible toll this virus has had on our country.”

The Democrats


It’s Up To All Of Us To Make It Count

The Ohio Democratic Party this week launched its “Make It Count” campaign with news conferences across the state, digital ads, robocalls and a new website — MakeItCountOhio.com — that will help Ohioans cast their ballots safely and securely in this fall’s election.


“As Donald Trump and his online minions ramp up the misinformation and attacks on voting, Ohio Democrats will be fighting back every step of the way, whether it’s through litigation or voter education,” said Ohio Democratic Party Chairman David Pepper. “That’s why we’re launching our biggest, most robust early voting program ever with the Make It Count campaign. What’s our message to voters? This election is too important to wait until Election Day to take action. By requesting a vote-by-mail ballot now or making a plan to vote in person starting on Oct. 6, Ohioans will send a message that we will not be deterred from participating in this election.”


Join the Butler County Democrats for a drive-through voter registration event this weekend:


You can always find events near you at Mobilize.us/OHDems.


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