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Join us at noon as we interview Josh Hicks and Hank Lindermann, Democratic candidates for U.S. Congress.

Five Things to Know Today

— Publisher’s Note —

Good morning! I’ve started this Publisher’s Note multiple times, trying to decide which topic to talk about out of all the concerning things on my mind. In honor of it being Friday, though, and taking to heart what the Gov said yesterday about it being a tough week, I’ve decided to focus instead on some green shoots that give me hope.

Young people – A few years ago, I despaired about getting youth and young adults engaged in the political process. No longer; all around I see young people stepping up, taking action, and taking the lead. For the most part, they are way past the culture wars of the past thirty years, and are ready to build a better nation and a better world. We need to include them, and we need to listen to them.

Some Republicans – There’s much to be said about the death of the GOP and its transformation into the POT (Party of Trump), and we’re starting that discussion with Berry Craig’s column listed below. But in the midst of the cult-ization of that party, it is heartening to see a number of Republican leaders and elected officials step out and denounce both the direction of the party and Trump himself.

You, our readers – You who read and comment and share the work we do give me hope. For years I have heard that “there are no progressives in Kentucky outside the big cities” – and you have proven that statement to be incorrect. We’ve got dedicated readers and members all over the state, many of whom are not just readers but doers. Thank you for being a Forward Kentucky reader, and for the work you do to make a difference in your community.

All of the above is why we’re going to get through ALL of this, together.

Bruce Maples, publisher
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Today’s Five Things to Know

8/27 update – Amid flurry over high-school football, state records fourth highest average of new cases

One day after a CDC change caused outrage among public-health officials, Kentucky had a COVID-19 report that spawned rumors and flared the tempers of high-school sports fans. Meanwhile, coronavirus cases rose. (Forward Kentucky)

Charles Booker to give speech at March on Washington

Louisville’s Charles Booker will have the spotlight as one of the speakers at the 57th anniversary of the March on Washington and one of our country’s most famous speeches given by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The anniversary will be commemorated in the exact same spot as that historic moment in 1963. Booker became well-known to many when he attended early protest rallies in Louisville as he ran for Senate. In his speech, he will talk about Breonna Taylor with her family nearby. (WHAS11)

Poll: Americans strongly support election reforms and bold solutions to create economic security

A poll surveying voters in ten diverse states shows that voters support policies to ensure accessible elections and a desire for more state investment to ensure people are economically secure. And, in the details of the poll are specific policy proposals that are widely supported. (Forward Kentucky)

New animated political ad from Amy McGrath refers to Sen. Mitch McConnell as ‘Swamp Turtle’

The memes comparing Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to a turtle — and often superimposing his head onto the body of one — have floated around the internet for years. Now, his chief opponent in the November election, Democrat Amy McGrath, is taking that caricature and running with it in a new, cartoon-style campaign ad titled “Swamp Turtle.”

“It’s ‘Swamp Turtle,’ starring Mitch McConnell,” a voice-over announces as the ad begins and a cartoon image of a turtle that features the Kentucky senator’s head appears onscreen.

The 30-second ad sticks to animation throughout its runtime and showcases a hypothetical press conference where reporters wearing face masks quiz McConnell (who’s still depicted as a turtle). (Courier-Journal)

The Republican descent into a Trump cult of personality

“No other president has tried to create a cult of personality that would elevate him above the Constitution and the normal political discourse that has characterized our nation throughout its history.” An important commentary by Berry Craig. (Forward Kentucky)

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March on Murray

Rally to protest decision to keep statue of Robert E. Lee on courthouse grounds.
Tonight @ 6 PM local time – Starts at Murray State University gate on Olive Street, ends at Murray Court Square. More info at West Kentucky Star.

Today at noon on “The State of Kentucky”

Can we flip these seats?

Join us at noon as we interview Josh Hicks and Hank Lindermann, Democratic candidates for U.S. Congress. Hicks is trying to unseat Andy Barr in the 6th district, while Lindermann is taking on Brett Guthrie in the 2nd. We’ll ask them why they decided to run, how their campaign is going, and what their strategy is for winning their races. And, we’ll see if they have any funny / interesting / bizarre stories to share from the campaign trail. Mark your calendar to tune in on Facebook or YouTube this Friday!

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Recent Content on Forward Kentucky

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[new] The state AFL-CIO has the hounds tracking ‘Missing in Action’ Mitch – Mitch McConnell’s bloodhounds are back, but this time they’re going after him in a brand-new Kentucky State AFL-CIO video called “Missing In Action.” (News)

8/26 update – Beshear slams CDC’s change in testing guidance, notes kids’ cases in counties that have started in-person classes – Gov. Beshear called the new testing guidance “wrong and reckless” in his daily briefing. “I haven’t criticized Washington much, but this one, this one hurts us all,” Beshear said. (News)

While the US is reeling from COVID-19, the Trump administration is trying to take away health care – Guess what? While you’re worried about staying healthy, the Trump administration is trying to take away your health coverage. Read more about the two prongs of this attack. (News Analysis)

Want to register voters? Attend one of these KFTC training webinars. – Would you like to help people register to vote – AND, do it safely and effectively? Then sign up for one of these KFTC webinars, coming up over the next few days. (Action)

Alexandra Owensby – an in-depth interview – Who is Alexandra Owensby? Why is she taking on Thomas Massie in Kentucky’s Fourth District? Read this in-depth profile to learn more about Dr. Owensby, including why you should vote for her. (Feature)

Long-term and child-care facility leaders express frustration – Representatives for long-term and child-care facilities expressed their concern and financial frustration over the effects of the coronavirus to a legislative committee meeting on Wednesday. (News)

Yes, Virginia, there is institutional racism. – Saying that you are “not a racist,” is insufficient. We must be antiracist, that is, we must oppose any idea or practice that promotes inequality among people of different races or groups. (Commentary)

McGrath agrees to two debates, will skip Farm Bureau forum – The Amy McGrath campaign confirmed that she will take part in two debates before the November election, but the Farm Bureau forum will not be one of them. (News)

Dear Conservatives – rejecting Trumpism is actually the conservative choice – The traditional pillars of the Republican coalition are evangelical Christians, fiscal conservatives, and national security conservatives. If you are a member of one of those groups, here is why rejecting Trumpism is actually your most conservative choice. (Commentary)

QAnon — a dangerous conspiracy movement – QAnon is a “far-right conspiracy theory alleging a secret plot against President Trump, which he is fighting. No part of the theory is based on fact.” Why should you care? Because it is now part of the Republican Party. (Commentary)

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