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You have seen the results of all the hard work that volunteers across Duval including IRJ volunteers have put in to voter education, vote by mail sign up, and get out the vote.  Here are some behind the scene results.

IJR postcarded over 2700 young Democratic voters and saw a 247% increase in signed up vote by mailers from May 8 to July 31.  We then followed up with phone calls and saw an increase to 328% over the May numbers. 

We also did a special GOTV phone call campaign over the weekend before election day.  We called all 467 registered VBM voters in Angie Nixon’s precincts in City Council District 14.  We suggested they carry their ballots to early voting and gave them a resource to research the candidates, Ballotpedia.

IJR volunteers also participated in three texting campaigns.  We joined several other Indivisible organizations in texting in Donna Deegan’s district encouraging sign up for VBM and Angie Nixon’s district as well.  We also texted directly for Rhonda Peoples-Waters.

We sent out over 2800 postcards to young NP registered warm, cold and new voters.  Before the cards went out CC District 14 had 55 of this group signed up for VBM.  We now have 181 signed on, a 229% increase.  That should pay off in the presidential election.


August 29  IJR General Meeting: 12:30-2:00

First Postcard Campaign for the 2020 Presidential Election Begins Monday, August 24.

IJR will be writing postcards to young non party affiliated registered voters in District 14.  The purpose of this campaign will to provide resources for researching the candidates critically and objectively.  We want to offset the misinformation firestorm that we anticipate from the White House.  Use the link below to volunteer


Keep us in shoe leather–Donate to our Postcard Campaign Indivisible is once again matching donations.  Your book of stamps becomes two when you donate your dollars between now and September 20.  If we have stamps, we don’t have to hand deliver our postcards.


Knowledge is power.  Learn about the Republican voter suppression strategy.  Learn about H.R. 1 the House Democrats work to return power to the voters.  Learn how progressives can create a Democratic landslide. Dr Dale Anderson, noted speaker on matters of Democracy, will speak on Wednesday, August 26 at 7:00.

Sign Up to Attend

The Vanguard for Progressive Promise

Earlier this month NPR reported on the Bluing of NE Florida, but they missed a key sign of hope.  They focused on the growth of progressive politics in Jacksonville, a large urban area, but failed to see what is happening beyond Jacksonville. 

St John’s county progressives have put together a coalition, the Blue Wave Coalition, that has increased progressive turnout in startling numbers in the county.  They put up 11 candidates in 2018 and got 9 of them elected.

The Coalition was so successful in 2018, they took their show on the road and shared it with Indivisible organizations throughout Florida.

Even more hopeful, a vanguard of progressive activists is pursuing a progressive agenda in the rural areas of NE Florida this summer.  Now activists from groups like Take em Down and Black Lives Matter are standing on street corners in small towns like St Augustine, MacClenny, Orange Park, Palatka.

They  are challenging racist matter of facts. Naming developments, Plantation; hiding a picture of the KKK in a courthouse mural; planting statues of Confederate traitors in front of the courthouse are not all right.

Thank you to all those who have the courage to challenge the bastions of white privilege and General Lee wannabees. They are shining a light on the progressive dreams of small-town Florida.  Growing the progressive vote comes next.

Let’s Have a Drum Roll for our Telephone Brigade

Pictured: John Grant-Dooley (the young guy with the white hair); Susan and Barry McCullough, Franci Haymes, Michelle Busby, Pauline Richards, Lara Higgins, Marlene Lennon, Gale Chisholm, Tom Merten, Ila Rae Merten

A Note for Your Consideration

When you receive a political solicitation call what is your image of that caller?  Is it a picture of your neighbor?  Because, that is who is calling you. What do you think of your neighbor when you get a call from them?  How do you treat your neighbor’s call?  Is a television ad a better way to communicate with you, then a conversation with a passionate neighbor, several passionate neighbors?

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