Billboard Campaign Uses Relational Organizing to Encourage Millennials to Become Poll Workers and Vote

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Targeting millennials and Gen-Zs to vote and become poll workers

“Millennials and GenZers make up 37% of the voting population. No one wins without our vote. Elections aren’t about candidates; elections are about power and who chooses to use it. Tell us why you’re voting in 2020. Tell the world you are #disenchantedNOTdisenfranchised!”

That’s the appeal that Reclaim Our Vote (ROV) is using to encourage more young voters to vote and become poll workers through a nationwide billboard campaign. How do you convert someone passing a billboard to a supporter? ROV is using traditional billboards, QR codes, a free app to collect video stories on why they plan to vote, VoteForce and MotiVote apps to encourage them to also tell their friends to vote and become poll workers too. This blog explains how all the pieces fit together.

Reclaim Our vote uses billboards with QR Codes, chatbots and apps to collect details on potential supporters.

Billboard advertising works better with free apps to convert viewers into supporters

Billboards are very cost-effective as compared to online advertising. They can be placed close to where the target audience and the messaging can be very localized. Reclaim our vote partnered with Saint Solaris Agency to design their billboards and Billups for their billboard placement. Billboard locations that were most likely to be seen by millennials and Gen-Z. Many of these were in the vicinity of college campuses which can be see on this map created by DemLabs using ArcGIS Online.

Nationwide map of Reclaim Our Vote billboards locations.

Converting billboard viewers into supporters

Converting people who see the billboard and collect contact details on them is hard. Reclaim Our Vote wanted to provide information, collect video stories that they could use to inspire other millennials, and collect contact details to follow-up with potential supporters. They use four different technologies to accomplish this.

QR Codes make it easy for people to learn more

QR Codes work better than toll free numbers. Simply scan them with your camera phone to be connected to a web site, send a text or make a phone call. QR Codes can be generated for free and used on billboards, flyers and websites to get more responses. Reclaim Our Vote uses a QR Code to direct people to their FlipGrid app which provides them more information and invites them to record their own video on why they plan to vote.

Chatbots provide information and collect contact details

1. A chatbot is a program that responds to text messages, provides voting related information and collects contact details. This enables ROV follow up with potential supporters who text the number on the billboard. The ROV chatbot is built on Twilio technology and costs $500 and a few cents cents for every contact record collected. Texting ‘VOTE’ to 202-937-3351 to contact the chatbot and try it out for yourself.

Collecting personal video stories to inspire others

2. Flipgrid, a free app that invites viewers to record their personal story on why they plan to vote. Reclaim Our Vote asks respondents a question and gives them background on the importance of voting and becoming a poll worker. ROV automatically receives all the videos recorded which they use others to vote and get involved. Click on this link to see how fast and easy it is to record a personal video story with FlipGrid.

Reclaim Our Vote uses

FlipGrid prompt which asks viewers to record their story and also download Motivote and VoteForce

Video messages recorded through Flipgrid are automatically collected by  Reclaim Our Vote.

Sample video collected through FlipGrid

Motivote converts social networks into voting teams

Scanning the QR Code on the billboard directs viewers to a FlipGrid message, where they are asked to download the Motivote app. Motivote uses behavioral science to increase voter turnout by making the journey easier and more fun.

Vote Force uses relational organizing to mobilize millennials

The Flipgrid console directs respondents to download the free Vote Force app. Reclaim Our Vote sends users messages reminding them to vote and become poll workers through the app. Users share the messages they get with their friends as personal texts by selecting who they want to share from their address book and pressing SEND. Such personal text messages are highly effective because:
1. The cost of sending the texts is covered by the individual’s phone plan.
2. The texts are more likely to be opened as they are coming from someone they recognize.

Reclaim Our Vote uses the free Vote Force app to encourage millennials to be poll workers using relational organizing.

Takeaway: Reach supporters through billboards, stories they relate to and relational organizing

Reach potential supporters where they’re likely to be and through means that they relate to. Billboards are affordable and perform even better when used with QR Codes, chatbots and relational organizing.


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