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Our August 31 Newsletter

Hi Friends, “California Could Throw Away What It’s Won” That’s a headline from this week’s The New York Times. While we all wish it wasn’t painfully true, voter apathy in the current


Fundraise With Relational Organizing

Follow DemLabs on our NEW social media! Fundraise with relational organizing Your best donors are people you already know. How do you tap a large number of your contacts for donations, but


Think Different to Persuade More People

Think different to persuade more people Polarized voters. People trapped in information bubbles. Corporations making billions spreading disinformation in order to sell more ads. How do you get heard when calling and


Relational Organizing in Action

“Relational organizing focuses on the most important tools at our disposal: our relationships and our ability to talk with one another about things that matter.” – Kara Waite, Harper’s Bazaar. Spreading a message