Blue Monday: Michigan’s Fab Four Plus Jeff Tweedy

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Blue Beginning

Blue Monday: our Michigan candidates plus musical guest Jeff Tweedy  

Every Monday afternoon 40 or 50 of your Indivisible Chicago colleagues show up for our Michigan Monday Phone Bank (they’re waiting to see you there) to campaign for Democrats up and down the ballot, including four stellar legislative candidates who have an excellent chance to flip their seats from red to blue: Jon Hoadley is running to unseat a 17-term congressman who votes against health insurance every chance he gets. Abigail Wheeler is a young firefighter and EMT whose opponent headed up a local branch of the “largest anti-Muslim group in America.” Chokwe Pitchford is a passionate young reformer who’s running to bridge the divide between Benton Harbor and St. Joe. Christine Morse is one of the Democratic Party’s top picks to flip in Michigan, with strong support from Emily’s List and organized labor. All four of them will join us on Blue Monday, August 17, to talk Michigan politics with our leader Marj Halperin and her co-host Tom Moss, producer and star of the Indivisible Chicago Podcast. Our musical guest will be Jeff Tweedy. Join us at the virtual Hideout, 8-9 PM. 

The “most important political film of the year.”          

That’s what Variety is calling Slay the Dragon, a documentary that will enrage and inspire you. Enrage you because it shows in excruciating detail how Republicans have weaponized redistricting and made it the tool of far-right fatcats. Inspire you because it tells the story of a young woman who put a post on Facebook and wound up toppling the masters of Michigan gerrymandering. In other words, the good guys are us and (spoiler alert) the good guys win! Watch the trailer.

Next Sunday, August 23, we’re joining Indivisible Evanston and a few other chapters to host a virtual movie night. We’ll congregate on Zoom, go off to watch the movie, and then reconvene to meet the star, activist Katie Fahey. She’ll join a panel discussion with David Daley, author of Ratf**ked: Why Your Vote Doesn’t Count, andRuth Greenwood, a leader of the fight in Wisconsin. Get more info here.

Your comfort zone         

As we ramp up our recruiting for Go Time, the crucial last days before the election, we hear a lot of people saying that phone banking is not quite in their comfort zone. We get it! But we have to point out that four more years of this insanity might spell the end of democracy as we’ve known it. How comfortable will you be with that?

In the pandemic, phone banking is the only way we can talk with voters person-to-person—and that, as any political pro will tell you, is the gold standard for winning elections. More than 200 of your Indivisible Chicago colleagues have already taken their fight to the phones. We need 200 more to get the job done. Join us now and you’ll feel a lot more comfortable in November.

Get a room!        

Maybe you’d like to phone bank with your club or organization. Or with a group of friends, coworkers, or neighbors. Our new Club Room program makes it possible. We’ll give you a breakout room where you can gather beforehand and debrief after. We’ll train your people and stay with them to solve problems and answer questions. If you make it happen, we’ll make it easy. Go here to get started.  

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