Trump Sinks to a New Low

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Friends – Donald Trump couldn’t even last a few days.

In the wake of a historic moment for our country – Sen. Kamala Harris joining the Democratic ticket as the first Black woman and the first person of South Asian heritage ever to run for vice president – the Associated Press reports that Trump has begun promoting “a false and racist conspiracy theory about Kamala Harris’ eligibility to be vice president.”

This is nothing but a shameful, pathetic echo of the racist “birther” accusations Trump used to lob at President Obama. But no matter what, we CANNOT let Trump’s new hate-mongering derail Democrats’ march to victory this fall.

These attacks demand an immediate response, Rush a donation right now to elect state Democrats and show every Republican candidate in America what happens when their party endorses hate >>


This isn’t the first time Trump has deployed racism to attack his opponents or boost his allies. But now, we’re less than 90 days from an election where we can make the GOP pay for what he’s doing.

Republican state legislators have had their chance to stand up to Trump’s racism. Instead, they’ve embraced it. Repeatedly. Now it’s up to us to make them ALL face the consequences at the ballot box.

It’s critical that we use this moment to show that Americans REJECT Trump’s brand of racism and hate. Rush a donation today to help defeat his agenda and allies as decisively as possible >>



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