Republican memo warns that Democrats could “FLIP conservative majorities in at least 13 state legislative chambers”

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Republicans really are panicking about their chances in November.

Not long ago, in a memo distributed to dozens of Republican donors, a Koch-funded dark money group warned that if the elections were held today, “Democrats are likely to overtake conservatives in key battleground states and FLIP conservative majorities in at least 13 state legislative chambers.”

This would be a ground-breaking victory for Democrats – ushering in years of progress across the nation – but nothing’s final until the last vote is cast in November. We need to keep going at full force if we want to make Republican majorities crumble this fall.

Let’s make the GOP’s nightmare come true and FLIP key battleground states blue across the country: Donate now to take down state Republicans at the ballot box.

It’s clear that after months of planning and support from thousands of grassroots donors across the nation, we’ve forced state Republicans onto the defensive.

The importance of this can’t be overstated: Democrats have HUGE momentum right now going into November, and with less than 100 days until voters cast their ballots, victory depends on keeping that up.

This election is our chance to deliver years of progress on issues like gun safety, living wages, criminal justice reform, and so much more. But the outcome depends on you:

There’s so much at stake. Can you give $10 right now to elect state Democrats in 2020?


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