Ahead of Trump Bus Tour, Congressman Soto, Sen. Torres, Commissioner Janer Blasted Trump’s Incompetence Managing Crises

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August 10, 2020

Days after the United States surpassed five million coronavirus cases and Florida broke its record for weekly reported hospitalizations, the Trump campaign is launching a bus tour in another attempt to distract from the Trump administration’s utter failure to manage the coronavirus crisis. 

Ahead of the Trump campaign event, Congressman Darren Soto (FL-9), State Sen. Vic Torres (SD-15), and Commissioner Viviana Janer (Osceola County Commission, District 2) underscored the suffering Trump’s inept leadership has caused many Central Floridians. Osceola County, where the Trump campaign is launching their bus tour, had the highest unemployment rate in the state, 36%, in June and is home to thousands of Puerto Ricans who left the island following Trump’s cruel handling of Hurricane Maria.

Highlights from the virtual press conference:

Congressman Darren Soto (FL-9) – WATCH REMARKS HERE
“Today the Trump campaign begins their Magical Mystery Tour, where they pretend the coronavirus will just go away and leave voters guessing as to the president’s national testing plan. 

Meanwhile back in reality, a pandemic and recession rages on in Florida, and Trump’s selfish and incompetent leadership is fanning the flames. In Kissimmee, thousands of Hispanic families, including my fellow Puerto Ricans, are sick, out of work, and desperate for us to come together during this crisis to help them meet the needs of their families.

[…] “Instead of this fanciful tour, maybe they should head to Trump’s Bedminster Country Club, tell him to put down the golf clubs and head to the negotiating table. House Democrats already passed the HEROES Act over a month and a half ago. It includes robust funding for testing, treatment and tracing, extending the $600 a month unemployment assistance until January 2021.” 

[…] “We don’t need silly bus tours presenting alternate realities. We don’t need executive orders that would do nothing for the people, that would pretend to solve the unemployment, housing, and student loan issues with vague language, unconstitutional attempts at seizing Congress’s power, with shady timetables that even they can’t explain — all while defunding Social Security and Medicare in the process.”

State Sen. Vic Torres (SD-15) – WATCH REMARKS HERE
“This is a time that Americans are in need of leadership. Five million Americans have now contracted COVID-19 and in this past week, more than 1,000 Floridians have died from the coronavirus. 

[…] “The only way to make things better is to have a leader like Joe Biden, that will listen to the advice of the medical professionals and make decisions that will always put the health and safety of the public first. Don’t be fooled by Trump — don’t be fooled by his lies and gimmicks like today’s bus tour. We deserve better and we can have better if we all vote for Joe Biden as our next president this November.” 

Commissioner Viviana Janer (Osceola County Commission, District 2) – WATCH REMARKS HERE
“Trump has been completely ineffective — not only his response to COVID-19, which has disproportionately affected the Latino community, but he was also ineffective in dealing with two catastrophic hurricanes that devastated Puerto Rico, where a lot of the people that live in Osceola County are from. He threw paper towels, instead of providing the relief the island needed…” 

[…] “President Trump’s response to Hurricane Maria [and] President Trump’s response to COVID-19 are not reflective of a true leader of our nation and right here in Osceola County, I can tell you we’re in our 23rd week of state of emergency. 

“We need a leader, just like Congressman Soto said, to put down those golf clubs, take action, and come with some good solutions. Our people are suffering.

“So we have people that came from Hurricane Maria, looking for relief. We have a severe housing crisis in Osceola County — we need a leader that will make decisions to help that get better. We have thousands of thousands of people with the threat of evictions looming over their head. This is not a way to live. That’s why we have to ensure that we do everything we can to get Vice President Biden elected in November.”

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