COVID Could Keep Thousands From Voting

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Hi Friends,

This week, our dual focus is calling people we know in PA and educating PA voters about voting by mail.

Trailing Joe Biden in the polls, President Trump has doubled down on slandering mail-in voting as a source of illegal Democratic votes. But voter fraud is almost nonexistent in American elections, so the real risk of a surge in mail-in voting isn’t too many votes: it’s too few. 

A perfect storm of administrative overload, an underfunded post office, and voter error could lead to millions of absentee ballots arriving late or otherwise not being counted. In Pennsylvania’s recent primary election, as many as 75,000 mail-in ballots arrived after the deadline, and while Governor Wolfe ordered an extension for certain counties, more than 8,000 voters were disenfranchised.

This is why it matters to not only increase turnout among infrequent voters, but to ensure they know how to fill out and submit their ballots so there’s no chance that their vote won’t be counted – and that’s exactly what CTC is working to do. 

We’re building trusting relationships now with infrequent Pennsylvania voters and educating them about how to navigate the mail-in voting process. And with only 12 weeks until the election, we need you to join us.

Do you know people in Pennsylvania? At our story workshop this week, we’re having a special pod to work on your story AND talk about how we can make sure our friends and family in PA (and everyone else they know too!) are definitely voting with us in November.

Contact us here, even if you only know ONE person who lives in PA, and a member of our team will reach out to tell you more! 

Want to know what it’s like to have these conversations with people you know? One of our volunteers, Kevyn Malloy, wrote about the first call she made. Read all about it here.


Looking to learn more? Attend a virtual info session on:

Wed., Aug. 12 or Sat., Aug 15

Ready to get involved now?

STEP ONE: sign up for a Story Workshop on 

Wed., Aug. 12 or Thurs., Aug. 13

STEP TWO: if you’ve never canvassed with us before, or have had tech challenges, sign up for a tech training:

Fri., Aug. 14 (West Coast)

Sun., Aug. 16 (East Coast)

STEP THREE: Sign up for our next canvass on Sun., Aug. 16

For more upcoming event dates, visit our Events page


CTC is excited to officially announce our partnership with the LGBTQ Connection PAC, which is underwriting the partisan work of the Leadership LAB. The LAB has a national reputation for its pioneering role developing “deep canvassing,” which is the cornerstone of the work that CTC and the LAB are doing together.

The LGBTQ Connection PAC enables us to collaborate on using deep canvassing to help infrequent voters recognize the importance of voting this year to stop Trump. 


Phone banking may not be your strong suit. But we still need you.

LOGISTICS: We’re in search of volunteers to help us with both physical and digital logistics. If you’re interested, reach out to find out how you can help us flip Pennsylvania.

TECH SUPPORT: It takes a lot of people to pull off a virtual deep canvass. We’re in search of technically skilled and proficient volunteers to help support our digital infrastructure and set our canvassers up to succeed. If you’re interested, contact us to learn more about how you can help us win Pennsylvania in 2020!

Donate to CTC

Winning electoral battles isn’t free. CTC needs money to pay for things like autodialers, technological infrastructure, and staff time so we can activate more volunteers and reach our maximum impact.

And as a grassroots organization, we don’t have petroleum industry billionaires funding our operations. All we have are our people.

Invest in a better future for our country by making a donation today:


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