Trump Escalates His Attacks on Vote-by-Mail

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Friends – Donald Trump just dramatically escalated his war against vote-by-mail.

48 hours ago, Trump filed a lawsuit against Nevada to try to block the state from expanding access to mail-in ballots, but that’s not all: He’s also just announced he’s considering an executive order aimed at BLOCKING vote-by-mail for millions of voters across the nation.

These new attacks are purposefully targeting vote-by-mail because Trump and state Republicans know it’ll increase turnout in November. That could spell disaster for the GOP; Trump has even claimed that expanding vote-by-mail could “lead to the end of [the] Republican Party.”

With vote-by-mail under new threat this very moment, we need to know what trusted supporters like you, think about it.

With less than 100 days until Election Day, the fate of vote-by-mail couldn’t be more important. Can you take our quick vote-by-mail survey to let Democrats know where you stand?

Q1: Do you believe Donald Trump’s incessant attacks on vote-by-mail are directly related to his campaign’s efforts to suppress voters?
-Not sure


Vote-by-mail could be the solution to voting during a pandemic – allowing millions of voters to cast their ballots from the safety of their own homes.

But if Donald Trump has his way, Americans would be forced to wait in long lines and risk their health to cast a vote in November – which could decrease voter turnout and even hand Republicans victory.

As Donald Trump escalates his attacks on vote-by-mail, we need to how our supporters feel on the issue.

Answer our survey today: What do you think of vote-by-mail?



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