Joe, Joe, Joe! Just pick already, eh? BIHH Roundtable on the Current State of the “Veepstakes”. Let’s get in to it! #HEELYeah!

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Are you ready for the Veepstakes to be over with?  So are we!!!  In today’s episode, we have a power-house roundup and mix up of differing views to discuss each of the candidates.  

As stated in the episode. While we do have our preferences, BIHH hosts will be voting for Biden either way. This is NOT a drill.  

Here’s who we have on the panel:

Melba Pearson

Melba Pearson is an attorney who served as an Assistant State Attorney in Miami-Dade County for 15 years. She worked as a line attorney in the misdemeanor Domestic Violence Division, a prosecutor in the Felony Domestic Crimes Unit, and ended her tenure as assistant chief of the Career Criminal/Robbery Unit. As assistant chief, Melba supervised junior attorneys and prosecuted homicide cases.

In 2017, Melba left the State Attorney’s office to join the American Civil Liberties Union of Florida as Deputy Director. She worked to change police practices, expand voting rights, and reform the criminal justice system. Melba advocated on a local and statewide level to eliminate racial disparities in the criminal justice system and safely reduce the number of incarcerated Floridians.

Melba is running for State Attorney to implement commonsense policies that result in fewer incarcerated people, saving taxpayers’ money and safer communities.  Do all you can to help her win this election.

Kate @RuderTooter

Kate is just a mother, wife,  daughter, trying to do right by her community, her brothers and sisters from other mothers, and her family.  She’s “trying to be a better ancestor” for those that come after us and I can’t tell you how proud I am of her passion, her determination, and her spirit.   Keep her and her family in your prayers and follow her on Twitter for a strong ally.  

Lisa Devi Cassandra

Lisa Cassandra is a communications and fundraising specialist, working primarily in the non-profit space. She worked as a Volunteer Team Leader and the LA office design coordinator for Kamala Harris’ Presidential campaign. She also raised money for the campaign by serving on her finance committee. She now raises money and runs a group of volunteer organizers with Bianca Delarosa and Harini Krishnan, called KHive for Joe — Organizers & Volunteers, which can be found on Facebook.

Our Twitter guest, the 3rd panelist, did not want to be named because of her district, so we are going to protect her right to speak freely without fear of repercussions. Thank you Ms. T for joining us and providing some great insight.  You know who you are! 

See you guys next week and remember, register to vote, help someone else register to vote and if you are scared to go vote in person, request your absentee ballot here, just click on your state.

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Jenny co-hosts the podcast Backward in High Heels with the fantastic L. Renee Chubb. She inherited her father’s passion for film, television, and theatre, and his need to help people however he can, whenever he can. Jenny believe content creators have a unique opportunity to bring new and different perspectives to people, and when democracy is threatened, dissent becomes patriotic,. Raised in Kansas, Jenny has lived in New York and California, and still believes we can come together and get through this in one piece. She is a member of Women in Film, has participated in Sundance’s Female Filmmaker’s Initiative, and wrote for a web series - Southern Dish - which did quite well on YouTube and Funny or Die.

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