Interview with Author Sam Ray: We talk Women, COVD-19, Trump, Racism and Narcissism (BackWards & In High Heels podcast)

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Traveler, writer, businessperson

In the 2000s I found out a very good friend needed rescuing from a bully so I spent 2+ years of full-time studying Cluster B mental disorders to help defeat the sociopath (A term I don’t use lightly). After, I discovered through everyone I spoke with that I had accidentally became an expert on the subject and types of abuse incurred by so many victims like my friend. It still boggles my mind how little society knows about these walking predators who live among us.

I have also since discovered that what makes my perspective fairly unique is I was observing the behaviors from the outside but still very close-up & have been very fortunate not to have ever been a prime target of one of these master manipulators. Once my rescue work was completed, I was working on a lifetime project book to explain America to my Euro friends. In 2014, I was forced to realize that the psychology I had studied so deeply also explained so many unanswered questions about American politics, business, failing institutions etc. and since I’m not in the psych profession, I am more free to say things people in the profession can’t or won’t say.

My Book – title has a funny story

The happy result of merging America’s issues with psychology is an updated version & homage to Thomas Paine’s “Common Sense”, de Tocqueville’s “Democracy in America”, Mark Twain’s “Gilded Age”, Machiavelli’s “The Prince” & further explains Orwell’s 1984. Most other books about America explain the “who”, “when” & “where” but this book answers the WHY & HOW stupidity, greed, authoritarianism, lies, evil & Trumpism all come from the same source.

“Are All Americans Stupid?”: The Unifying Theory Of Stupidity, Greed, Authoritarianism, Lies, Evil & Trumpism

$0.00“Are All Americans Stupid?”: The Unifying Theory Of Stupidity, Greed, Au…

Most of this book was completed long before Trump’s surprise election in 2016 & the strength & power of The Unif…

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Jenny co-hosts the podcast Backward in High Heels with the fantastic L. Renee Chubb. She inherited her father’s passion for film, television, and theatre, and his need to help people however he can, whenever he can. Jenny believe content creators have a unique opportunity to bring new and different perspectives to people, and when democracy is threatened, dissent becomes patriotic,. Raised in Kansas, Jenny has lived in New York and California, and still believes we can come together and get through this in one piece. She is a member of Women in Film, has participated in Sundance’s Female Filmmaker’s Initiative, and wrote for a web series - Southern Dish - which did quite well on YouTube and Funny or Die.

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