Ron DeSantis Fears His Own Base?

Conservatism vs. Dictatorship

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By Marilyn Bagdonas

True conservatives will have to do some soul-searching with this guy. He talks the talk. He walks in the shoes of Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini, Putin, Orban, and Bosonaro. This is not a drill.

Do You Support Conservatism or a Dictatorship?

7 Core Principles of Conservatism

1.   Individual Freedom

2.   Limited Government

3.   The Rule of Law

4.    Peace through Strength

5.    Fiscal Responsibility

6.    Free Markets

7.    Human Dignity

8 Warnings of a Dictatorship   

1.    Removing individual freedom

2.    Banning Books

3.    Erasing Black History in Public Schools

4.    Efforts to ignore a Statewide initiative approved by the People

5.    Vowing to control published content

6.    Leaning toward robbing women of the power to make personal decisions concerning their rights

7.    Denying Science on protections during a pandemic

8.    Overuse of the word “woke”

Reposted from Indivisible St. Johns with permission and minor edits.

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