Ohioans Should Not Have to Choose Between Their Health and Their Right to Vote

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Dear friend,

I hope you’ve heard the big news — Vice President Joe Biden will provide a special message to Ohio Democrats at our Virtual State Convention. We’ll also hear from Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Sen. Kamala Harris, Sen. Cory Booker, AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka, Youngstown native Ed O’Neill and many more great special guests.


The Democratic National Convention is in just a few short weeks, and they’re rolling out a digital toolkit to let you show off your convention spirit. Check it out:


As Election Day grows closer, we are continuing to fight to ensure that every eligible Ohioan is able to exercise their right to vote, even in a global pandemic. That’s why we filed a lawsuit today to require county boards of elections to accept absentee ballot applications electronically. In 2020, when we have all of this technology available that allows people to conduct so many activities securely online, Ohioans should not have to choose between their health or their right to vote.


I look forward to seeing all of you (virtually) tomorrow evening at our State Convention!

In solidarity,


David Pepper
Ohio Democratic Party



Build Back Better for Racial Equality

This week Vice President Joe Biden announced the fourth and final pillar of his “Build Back Better” plan, which will help advance racial equity across the American economy. Biden recognizes that the COVID-19 crisis has pulled the blinders off and exacerbated racial disparities and inequities across our economy and our culture. That’s why Biden’s plan would work to remove barriers to participation in our economy, expand access to opportunity and enforce laws currently on the books to invest in an economy where everybody will be included on the deal.


Biden’s Build Back Better plan for racial equity is in stark contrast to Donald Trump’s divisive rhetoric and feckless, chaotic coronavirus response.

“The coronavirus pandemic and its disproportionate impact on Black Ohioans is Exhibit A for why we have been saying that racism is a public health crisis,” said Ohio Legislative Black Caucus President Stephanie Howse. “Donald Trump has done nothing to address the concerns of Black Ohioans; in fact, his reckless and chaotic response to the coronavirus crisis has led to thousands of needless deaths, particularly in African-American communities. Trump’s divisive rhetoric around police violence and aggressive response to largely peaceful protests has made Black Ohioans less safe in their homes and neighborhoods.

“Donald Trump’s lame attempts to change the subject about police violence against Black Americans won’t distract us. We see what his administration is doing to undercut fair housing. We see what his administration is doing to eliminate affirmative action. This election is life or death for Black Ohioans, and we will be turning out in record numbers to stop Donald Trump and elect Joe Biden this November.”



Ohio Dems File Legislation to Stop Corruption

This week state Rep. Bride Rose Sweeney and state Rep. Allison Russo filed broad anti-corruption legislation that would require dark money groups to identify their funders and disclose their spending. The bill would also strengthen restrictions against foreign corporations and foreign governments influencing Ohio elections.

“One-party rule in Ohio has led to a culture of corruption. The allegations against Speaker Householder are only the most recent and staggering example,” said Sweeney. “Dark money groups with innocuous labels like ‘Generation Now’ have influenced our state politics for years. By making people and corporations put their names behind these organizations and disclose their contributions, we can begin to bring transparency and accountability back to our state government. Ohioans deserve no less.”

“Recent allegations involving the Speaker and House Bill 6 demonstrate just how necessary serious campaign finance reform is,” said Russo. “This bill will strengthen transparency and accountability so that dark money and corruption cannot subvert the will of the people who elected us to serve. Ohioans deserve better from their government, and this bill ensures the best interests of our constituents remain front and center.”




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