Republicans just don’t care. How to map the millions of families they’re about to make homeless during a pandemic.

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Republican senators are blocking unemployment benefits for millions of Americans devastated by the Coronavirus.

This will make millions of Americans homeless and cause more deaths. How can the scope of this danger be explained? How can people demand better from their elected officials?
– Where is there the most poverty in America?
– Where is the greatest need for affordable housing?
– Why are Black and Hispanic communities hurt the most by the pandemic?
– What is the HEROES ACT? What relief measures should be passed?
– How are landlords exploiting the situation by evicting poor tenants?
– What can people do to change the system and hold incompetent leaders accountable?

StoryMaps simplify issues and encourage readers to act. The “Republicans don’t care” StoryMap explains: “When politicians care more about themselves than the public, it is time to vote them out. And the best way to do that during a pandemic is to vote by mail.

What is a StoryMap?
StoryMaps is a free esri app designed to make it easy to tell a visual, interactive story. A story can include text, images, maps and videos. Stories can be shared through a link and can be updated at any time with new information. StoryMaps shows well on phones, tablets and laptops. Did I mention that the app is free? Here are six DemLabs StoryMaps on social justice, reporting voter suppression and advocating for women’s rights.

Respect – Advocating voting for Pro-Choice candidates in the aftermath of Justice Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court. This StoryMap was featured in Newsweek and The Verge.
Environmental Racism – Support Virginia activists protesting Dominion Energy building a dangerous fracking plant in a poor Black county.
See Something, Say Something – Real time reporting of incidents of voter suppression during the mid-term elections. This StoryMap was featured in the NBC Election War Room and on Samantha Bee.

Jon Tester – Featuring Senator Tester’s accomplishments in Montana before the 2018 elections.
Stop The Madness – Advocating for sensible gun policies and featuring Mom’s Demand Action and Sandy Hook Promise.
Let Seniors Vote – Protesting why polling locations at minority senior centers in Virginia were being shut down making it harder to vote.

Story telling matters. Make your appeal simple, visual and engaging. Use the free StoryMaps app.
Contact us for pro bono help to create StoryMaps on voting rights, social justice and civil rights.

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