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Recruiting supporters at an event is hard. Lot’s of people, activity and little time. How can it be done easily with little time time, money and technical skills?

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The Greene Dossier

The Greene Dossier Some people are especially “interesting.” Keep info on them handy with a dossier. Wakelet is a free app that makes it easy to create and share digital dossiers. DemLabs evaluated


Who’s Getting Rich Dividing Americans?

Who’s getting rich dividing Americans? “Give a capitalist enough rope and he’ll hang himself.” – Karl Marx Marx would smile if he could see how American billionaires make money inciting attacks against the


Relational Organizing in Action

“Relational organizing focuses on the most important tools at our disposal: our relationships and our ability to talk with one another about things that matter.” – Kara Waite, Harper’s Bazaar. Spreading a message


Stick To Your Script — Use an On-Screen Teleprompter

Kennedy’s speech, Look ’em in the eye and deliver your message forcefully. It’s easier with an on-screen teleprompter. Keep your audience engaged with an on-screen teleprompter to project your script on

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