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Givers & Takers

A pandemic is no time to play political games when people are dying.

Mitch McConnell refused Federal aid to states that were Democrat, calling it a 'Blue State Bailout'.

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Maps Are an Activist’s Best Friend

Maps are an activist’s best friend Maps help activists and campaigns engage, inform and mobilize supporters. New apps make it easy. Maps are easy to understand and navigate. They’re intuitive and wonderful


Cash Cows Block Rural Internet

Follow DemLabs on our NEW social media! Cash cows block rural internet Corporations love cash cows: businesses that generate them a steady stream of cash for no money. AT&T, Verizon and Comcast treat


Jim Crow Lives Here

Follow DemLabs on our NEW social media! Jim Crow lives here Republican racists bills to suppress voting have been called “Jim Crow in a Suit”. We mapped where Jim Crow breeds, groups

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