Urgent Update: We Only Have 100 Days

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A Note From Judy…

Thank you to all of my wonderful supporters who have dedicated their time, energy and dollars to my campaign. Together we have built a movement to bring compassion and change to LD-1. Now, with only 100 days left of the campaign, I am asking you dedicate more time, energy and dollars to help us get to November. I know I am asking a lot. We are in the home stretch, and the only way I win is with you by my side. Together we will create a bright future for Ld-1 and all of Arizona. Thank you for your support-Judy

We need your help. We’ve made it easier to call volunteers than ever. Starting this week we will be using Talk Thru, a program that enables us to make calls faster, and ensures that any call we make will result in a conversation with a voter. You can sign up for one of our new phonebanks here! 

New Schedule
Monday, 6-8:30 PM
Wednesday, 4-6:30 PM
Sunday-1:30-4 PM

Click here to see other ways to get involved

Vote for Judy in the Primary! Three Reasons Why It Really Matters: 

1. Your Primary Vote Increases Judy’s Visibility: The more votes Judy gets in the primary, the more she can position herself as a strong and viable candidate in the general election.

2. Your Primary Vote Encourages Financial Support: A large primary vote signals to potential donors that Judy can win in November.

3. Your Primary Vote Motivates Turnout in the General Election: A strong primary turnout for Judy sends a powerful message to ambivalent voters that their vote can really make a difference.

Bottom Line: Your primary election vote matters tremendously even though Judy has no primary challenger. 

If you are not registered as a Democrat, contact the Yavapai County Recorder’s Office or the Maricopa County Recorder’s Office to request a Democratic ballot. Note: Independent voters do not need to change party affiliation to request a Democratic ballot.

Early mail-in ballots started to arrive on July 8. Early in-person voting started on July 8 as well. You can vote in-person at any official ballot drop location, including:

Yavapai County Elections
1015 Fair Street, Rm #228, Prescott, AZ 86305

Maricopa County Elections, 
111 S. Third Ave. Phoenix AZ 85003

Note: If you are signed up to receive an early ballot and you have not gotten it, contact the Yavapai County Recorders office at 928-771-3250, or the Maricopa County Recorders office at 602-506-3535.

Other Primary Dates to Remember: 
 July 29—mail in your early ballot by this date 
July 31—last day to vote early in person
August 4—election day: polls open 6am-7pm.

More important voting information can be found here: Arizona Secretary of State

Good News from the Campaign…

Judy Stahl Receives Multiple Endorsements 

This past month Judy received multiple notable endorsements including Equality Arizona, the Democratic Women of the Prescott Area, NARAL, Prescott Indivisible and more! 

You can view all of Judy’s endorsements here. 

News from the District…

A note about the Arizona Democratic Party Headquarters
We are saddened and horrified by the hateful actions taken by the person who burned down the Arizona Democratic Party Headquarters on Thursday night. We are grateful no one was injured, and we are ready to support the party in any way we can while they rebuild. 


1. Donate to the Maricopa County Democratic Party: MCDP needs to rebuild their headquarters after the fire this week. Please give whatever you can to help. 

2. Demand Mandatory Use of Cloth Face Coverings. Contact Mayors and City Councils
The science couldn’t be plainer: Face coverings considerably reduce the spread of COVID-19 and are the one proven step citizens can take to protect each other and to get this virus under control. 

michael.lamar@prescott-az.gov (City Manager)
greg.mengarelli@prescott-az. (Mayor)


Prescott Valley
Mayor Kell Palguta – mayor@pvaz.net

2. Protect Our Students: Support the efforts of Save Our Schools Arizona to protect our students and tell Governor Ducey that schools should remain online only through Oct.1. 602-542-4331. Email. 

Updates on COVID-19

Statement From Judy: “Our hats are off to our caring communities, which are working so hard to provide valuable coronavirus information and assistance.”  Here is a list of resources to keep handy

I Want To Hear From You, Let’s Talk.

Moving forward together. Thank you for your support!

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